YEM’s TOP 5 Emerging Artists of 2023

1. Indi Star

While Indi Star first got her start in 2018 with the children’s pop group KIDZ BOP, she has since branched out into acting, dancing, social media, and music. She released her newest single called Hurt A Little this year and has continued to grow her following on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. YEM spoke to Indi after her newest single.

2. Preston LeMacks

Preston LeMacks is an up-and-coming singer and songwriter hailing from Houston, Texas. He had always been interested in writing music but decided to make it a career in 2020. Preston won second place in the Senior Division of the Houston Rodeo Rockstar competition and he released his debut EP titled Heartbreak Diary this year. Preston said he hopes his music inspires others and helps listeners heal from difficulties.

3. Jonah Kagen

Jonah Kagen is a 23-year-old singer and songwriter from Savannah, Georgia. He grew up playing guitar and his debut EP, georgia got colder was released in December 2022 with Arista Records. His second album The Roads was released this year and he brings an exciting new voice and energy into the music scene. He has a number of tour gates coming up in 2024.

4. Anna Duboc 

Seventeen-year-old Anna Duboc has emerged as a powerful voice for her generation, also writing powerful and vulnerable songs that her listeners and fans can connect to. She released a number of new songs in 2023, including Mystery Lady and The Great Escape. Anna is willing to be transparent about personal issues in her music and likes to tap into deep emotions which is unique for her age. She has been writing songs since third grade and continues to grow, boasting over 26.8k monthly listeners on Spotify.

5. Amelie Jat

Hong Kong-born and London-based pop punk artist Amelie Jat is captivating fans with her personal and relatable melodies and rhythms with sounds similar to the styles of Maggie Lendemann and Nessa Barrett. Amelie released her new album for the plot’ which includes songs with gentle harmonies and others with heavy-hitting drums. Her music videos are cinematic and she continues to grow into her own with a dedicated fanbase.