Actress Mariah Bozeman on her film debut with Amy Adams!

Mariah Bozeman can be seen in Netflix’s new movie The Woman in the Window. The movie is a psychological thriller film starring Amy Adams, Gary Oldman, and Anthony Mackie. The movie will be released on May 14th! In the movie, Mariah plays Olivia Fox, the daughter of Amy Adams and Anthony Mackie. When Mariah is not in front of the screen, she is also a champion Allstar cheerleader. YEM spoke with Mariah all about her film debut, what it was like being in a psychological thriller, and her cheerleading.

Young Entertainment Mag: How did you get into acting?

Mariah  Bozeman: My cousin Marcus Martin said that I was an actress even when I was 2 years old. When I was 8 years old, I decided to go to an open audition to play a girl scout for a commercial director’s website. I went to Looking Glass Theater camp that summer. After a year of begging my Mom to let me do more auditions, I was connected to Stewart Talent by one of my God-Fathers. I have been auditioning and training consistently since then.

YEM: Your new film “The Woman in the Window”, is going to be your film debut, how did you enjoy the experience of being in a film?

Mariah: I really loved everything about the experience! Everyone was so nice to me and although I was the only kid on set most days, they made me feel like I was at the same level as all of the rest of the cast. I learned so much just by watching so many great actors during the filming. Joe Wright is a great director and I learned a lot from him too.

YEM: “The Woman in the Window” is a psychological thriller, do you find yourself watching many movies of that genre? Or do you prefer sticking to acting in them?

Mariah:I definitely made it through this movie because I read the entire script and the book. I would have been so nervous if I didn’t know what was coming next. I will stick to acting in thrillers..LOL.

YEM: You were able to work with some great actors such as Amy Adams and Anthony Mackie, were you able to learn anything from them?

Mariah: Absolutely! I learned so much from them. They are great actors and stayed dropped into their characters. I made sure to match their energy in our scenes.

YEM: What is it like playing Olivia, who is she?

Mariah: Olivia is the daughter of the main character played by Amy Adams. Her parents are estranged. Unfortunately, I cannot say much more without giving too much away about the film.

YEM: What were some of your favorite scenes that you got to do while shooting the film?

Mariah: We shot in an old armory and it was so much fun to explore. I loved all of my experience, but my favorite scenes would give to much away.

YEM: You were also a part of a web-series “CHI-nanigans” which was recently released on YouTube, how is filming a web-series similar to film a movie such as “The Woman in the Window”? How was it different?

Mariah: I loved Chi-nanigans because it was a great opportunity to work with other actors my age. I also loved representing my hometown. Chi-nanigans is a fun webseries about tween/teen lessons and experiences. It was very different than filming a thriller.

YEM: In the web-series you have a twin brother named Foster, what is your relationship like with him off camera?

Mariah: Sage Mayer played Foster during the first season. We became good friends, I even flew to Orlando to celebrate his birthday before COVID. Treycen Bownes plays my brother in season 2. Ironically, we share a God-Father but I never met him before we were filming.

YEM: The web-series is about your character Mariah and her twin brother Foster navigating life as tweens, what is something that the web-series teaches its audience about life that anyone no matter their age can take away?

Mariah: I take bullying very serious and I love that the series has dealt with that issue. Kindness and fun are always a part of every episode. I am most proud that our creator/writer/director, Jil Ross made sure that the series was released with ALS. Accessibility is important. We are fundraising now to create a feature film.

YEM: We also know that you are a champion all-star cheerleader, has anything you have learned as a cheerleader benefitted you at all as an actor? Or are they 100% different in your eyes?

Mariah: All-star cheer and acting have a lot in common. My biggest lesson for both is to stay ready so you don’t have to get ready. I do private lessons for cheer and acting. I take additional classes for both. I am also a Black Girls Cheer Ambassador. That is important to me because in cheer and acting Black Girls do not always get the representation that we deserve.

YEM: Are you hoping to one day be able to use your cheerleading skills in a movie and intersect both acting and cheerleading?

Mariah: That would be AMAZING! I love both so much.

YEM: What sort of roles do you hope to have moving forward?

Mariah: I love dramas! Grey’s Anatomy is my favorite show. Doing anything with Shonda Rhimes would be amazing! I am really open to everything though. I want to keep learning and growing in different roles.

See Mariah Bozeman in The Woman in the Window, on Netflix May 14th!