“The Bold Type” and long distance: can it work?

If you’re watching “The Bold Type,” then you know about the show’s most popular ship: Kadena. That’s right, Kat and Adena, the show’s relationship that is most likely to give you #feels. Even though the two are not in an official relationship, both of them can’t stop thinking about each other even when they are dating other people. The feelings are there, but now the two girls have a big set-back in their relationship: being in separate countries.

When we last left the two, Adena had moved to Paris to be with her girlfriend, Coco, while Kat was still in New York. The girls have kept in contact, and realized that both of their efforts to date other people have been unsuccessful. Lucky for Kat, Adena’s relationship is not going well, and she decides to buy a one-way ticket back to New York. But the preview for tonight’s new episode shows that a happy ending for the Kadena may be out of the question. In the preview below, Adena is having problems with customs, and faces the possibly of being sent back to her home country.

Kat is determined to be with Adena, and even offers to go home with her so the two can be together. But this episode brings up an important point: can long distance relationships be successful?

For Adena, her long distance relationship hasn’t worked out. Her girlfriend, Coco, lives in Paris. The distance has obviously driven the two apart. Adena is no stranger to traveling, so she decides to go to Paris to be with Coco. But relocating doesn’t seem to help – Adena is still unhappy and is missing Kat.

This isn’t our of character for Adena. She is used to traveling, and in a way, feels at home when she is on the move. For someone like her, a long distance relationship doesn’t seem very intimidating. In fact, it fits in well with her fast-paced artistic lifestyle. But whether it’s Coco or Kat, Adena is the happiest when she is close to the people she cares about.

This past week, Kat and Adena tried a long distance friendship of sorts. Adena is still with Coco, but the two still care about each other, and aren’t ready to say goodbye. At first, it seems like a safe bet- they still get to be in each other’s lives, but Adena can focus on her relationship while Kat tries to navigate her sexuality. And with a promotion at work, Kat is busier than she has even been. Even still, Kat pulls herself away from work and her personal life to talk with Adena whenever possible. If anything, it seems like the distance is making them miss each other even more.

Perhaps distance is what the two of them needed to know that they really are meant to be together. Both of them have made it obvious that being countries apart is making both of them sad. For Kat and Adena, long distance may be exactly what the two girls needed to know that their relationship is worth pursuing.

Now on the other hand, Kat’s best friends, Sutton and Jane, have both dated men that they work with. Unfortunately for them, working with their significant other wasn’t a match made in heaven. The relationships were good for a while, but both Jane and Sutton decided to break up with their boyfriends, knowing they would still have to see them at work everyday.

So what is the answer? Is long distance worth trying, or doomed from the start? Or, do they add something special to the relationship? All in all, it depends on the couple. Long distance relationships are definitely risky, but also bold. And location is definitely going to put Kat and Adena’s relationship to the test. Tune in to The Bold Type, Tuesdays at 9pm on Freeform.