“The Bold Type” shows us how to deal with the possibility of getting fired

If you’re one of the many millennials that are entering the work force for the first time, this week’s episode of “The Bold Type” was your worst nightmare. The show tackled a part of the job force that no one wants to deal with: the possibility of being fired from your job. Let’s face it- no matter what age you are or what your job is, everyone is afraid of getting fired. Let’s take a look at the do’s and dont’s that “The Bold Type” uses to handle this sticky situation.

Don’t: Make drama

“The Bold Type” briefly talked about this in last week’s episode. Kat has to fire her newly hired assistant, Natalie, but Kat doesn’t want to go through with it. After a PR nightmare, it’s the last straw for Natalie, and Kat has no choice but to fire her. Jacqueline even has Human Resources at hand “in case things get ugly.” (And she makes it sound like things have gotten ugly before). This may seem like the most obvious rule, but a lot of people have trouble with it. When it comes to drama, it’s best to minimize it for your co-workers, and most importantly, for yourself.

Do: Be understanding and mature

Take a hint from Sutton- in the workplace, be as professional as possible, even in an awkward situation. Sutton’s relationship with Richard could have cost Sutton her job. As a member of the board, Richard had a lot to risk as well. They both knew what they could lose, but decided to stay as professional and mature as possible while at work. Their relationship wouldn’t get in the way of their day-to-day tasks, and they two of them wouldn’t become a distraction to each other. Dating a co-worker may not be a good idea, but Sutton and Richard definitely handled it in the right way.

Don’t: Freak out and panic

In this week’s “The Bold Type,” we see how panicking about your job can get the best of you. Cassie, Sutton’s co-worker in the fashion department, is in charge of her first major photo shoot. Sutton is by her side, which is good, since the pressure is driving Cassie crazy. Cassie becomes so panicked, that she leaves in the middle of her big photoshoot. That’s right: imagine your boss leaving during the biggest meeting of the year and you’re forced to take over. This puts your co-workers in a tough bind, and makes you look like you can’t handle important assignments. Especially in the age of social media, if you let the fast pace get to you, you’ll get left behind. Stress comes easy, but figuring out how to handle it may just save your job.

Do: Look for other opportunities

When the possibility of layoffs are swirling around, Alex decides to look for work elsewhere as a backup. He goes to Jacqueline and respectfully tells her his plans to interview elsewhere, stressing that it is nothing more than a back-up plan if his job comes to an end. In any job, it is more than okay to look at other options, especially if you’re not happy at your current place of work. Of course, it must be done respectfully without insulting your current boss. Which bring us to the next point…

Don’t: Burn bridges

No matter what your relationship was with your former boss or former co-workers, don’t damage it in any way. You never know when you may need to ask the people in your past for a favor. In the future, you may need to call on them for some help. If you were nice to them, they’re almost guaranteed to help you out. And at the very least- why not just be nice to everyone? When you’re nice to your co-workers, you really can’t lose.

Do: Take credit for your own work (both good and bad)

A big part of being an adult is taking responsibilities for your actions. And a big part of being bold is taking credit for your hard-work, especially when other try to minimize them. When Cassie takes credit for Sutton’s work, she is too stunned to call her out on it. But Jacqueline sees right through that. She advises Sutton that it is never okay to let others take credit for your work. “You need to start speaking up for yourself,” she demands Sutton, and she’s right. Never sell yourself short, and be proud of the hard work you do.

Don’t: Jeopardize anyone else’s job

Let’s be honest: there will be times when a decision has to be made, and that decision could be your boss choosing to fire either you or a co-worker. Or, to promote either you or a co-worker. Either way, don’t be petty and damage someone else’s chances. For starters, it’s childish, and it will come back to bite you. But most importantly, if you’re busy focusing on other people, then that means you’re not focusing on yourself. Focus on you and what you can do to be the best at your job. That’s what is most important, and that is what your boss will recognize in your work.

Do: Expand your reach

In this week’s episode, Jane decides to interview at a rival magazine. This benefits her, in a way, by taking her out of her comfort zone. During the interview, the rival publisher says that Jane’s writing is very “Scarlett” and hints that Jane’s voice is getting lost in the magazine. She says that she is curious what Jane would do if she was free to write about any subject she wanted. This is especially important, in your job and in life. Take what you are good at and expand on it-prove that you can do more than the job requires of you. When it comes to skills, you can never have too many.

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