Bria Danielle Singleton took over YEM’s Instagram!

Bria Danielle Singleton took over Young Entertainment Magazine’s instagram today. She answered some questions and showed us what she did during the day! Bria starred as young Emily in the new Netflix film Thunder Force.

First Bria took us along with her to get ice cream. She went to go try out a new vegan ice cream place because she is a vegetarian and it all looked delicious. The ice cream place she went to was called Hug Life Ice Cream. We found out from one of the workers it was called that because the owner is obsessed with 2pac and it is a play on thug life. The worker also let us know that the vegan concept came from the owner being a vegetarian, and he also wanted to implement the message of compassion for animals into the business. Bria got a cookie and cream milkshake which sounds so good.

Bria then showed a bunch of behind the scene photos of when she was in Thunder Force. In one of the photos in particular Bria gave us a fun fact. She let us know that her best friend in the movie is none other than Melissa McCarthy and Benjy Falcone’s daughter. After all of the behind the scenes photos she let us know some fun tidbits about her. She was asked how she got into acting, and she shared that her older sister was in the business. Her sister’s agent ended up being interested in representing her too at 8 months old. It was also shared that she is a twin, she is a voice over actor as well, and she has a cat named Hades.

It was so great being about to tag along with Bria during her exciting day. All of the followers were able to learn so much more about her. We loved watching Bria take over the instagram, she is so fun and such a joy! Check out the takeover for yourself here!


Bria Danielle Singleton’s movie Thunder Force is now streaming on Netflix!