Everything BIG BAD!!!

Tonight is the 6B finale of Pretty Little Liars. Have you been keeping up with everything “Big Bad” (aka New ‘A’) has been doing to keep these girls (or should I say woman) on their toes?

Here is a list of all the text’s and goodies ‘Big Bad’ has been tormenting the girls with:


The girls getting their first text from ‘Big Bad’.

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‘Big Bad’ wants the weapon that Charlotte was killed with.



Oh no, Spencer is in trouble. Will Caleb get jealous?



This is a throwback to Hanna eating pig cupcakes.




Wtf is going on? What does ‘Big Bad’ have in store for these girls? How are they supposed to find ‘Big Bad’ when he/she is right in front of them? Who could it be? (Take the POLL below)



Why is ‘Big Bad’ putting the pressure on Hanna? Why not get one of the other girls to put the pressure on?



Loving these emoji’s. ‘Big Bad’ has gotten more tech savvy. According to Spencer, she/he might not be able to type (maybe someone with burnt hands, aka Sara Harvey)?



Nooooooooooo, not Emily’s eggs…. Who will ‘Big Bad’ use Emily’s eggs on anyways?



How could anyone want to hurt Jordan? Wait, Jordan was the one who brought those eggs in, correct? Is there a theory there? And is anyone else thinking eggs and eggs?



Now ‘Big Bad’ is going after Ali? What does Alison have to do with this?



Seriously ‘Big Bad? You actually went ahead and impregnated someone with Emily’s eggs? Wait, “Our Eggs?” Is ‘Big Bad’ a guy?



Who at Ella and Byron’s 2nd nuptials took Aria’s camera? Can we seriously discuss this? Did we see this person?

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 4.19.26 PM Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 4.19.33 PM Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 4.19.40 PM


Poor Aria. How can this happen to one of our own? The party was at Lucas’s, did Lucas have control of the remote Hanna was having such a hard time with?




Alison fell down stairs…. This was no accident.

Emily lost her eggs, Aria got burned, and Alison got thrown down stairs….

We know they won’t be, but please let Spencer and Hanna be safe.

14 14a




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