Glee Recap Movin Out Episode 5×6

Get ready to get your Billy Joel on. Glee loves a tribute and last night’s episode was no different. The kids are almost ready for graduation and we start out at the dreaded career fair. There’s no arts table which begs the question “Why Will?” Sue gives a prompt response blaming the dismal economy. She’s not exactly wrong but way to crush a dream. In response, Will calls upon the great Billy Joel, as he struggled mightily to get where he was today. Blaine and Sam head to New York for various auditions – never one to let something silly like the economy define their life choices. Good on them. The duo busts out with “Movin’ Out”an appropriate song since they’re talking about, well, moving out. We catch up with Rachel at the diner because even though she’s on broadway, girl’s still gotta eat. Sam is pursuing his dream of being a male model, however Miss Bichette tells him he needs to lose some weight. Tragic. His friends including Rachel, Kurt and Santana sing him well-wishes and tell him he’s just fine the way he is. Meanwhile at McKinley, Jake begs Marley for forgiveness and tries to prove he’s a good guy. Marley’s not buying it, and Ryder chimes in that he’s a jerk, too. Jake sings “My Life.” Poor Jake. Ryder took advantage of the opportunity to profess his feelings to Marley who said she had to “think about it.” What did you think of the episode? Is Sue right that arts aren’t a worthy job in this economy? Tune in next week to see what happens!