Interview: Akira Akbar of Captain Marvel

Actress Akira Akbar has had a great year. First, Akira portrayed a young ‘Beth’ in the hit NBC series, “This Is Us.” She played a younger version of Susan Kelechi Watson’s character, who dreamed of becoming a ballerina. Next, she played ‘Monica Rambeau’ in one of the biggest movies of the year, “Captain Marvel.” Akira’s character Monica is the precocious niece of Larsen’s ‘Carol Danvers’(Captain Marvel). YEM spoke with Akira about her career and what’s ahead.

Photo Credit: Eliza Logan

Young Entertainment Mag: How did you first get involved in acting?
Akira Akbar: When I was younger, I was really into modeling. Then my mom noticed that I loved to dress up and perform in front of her clients so she wanted to start me in acting and I’ve been doing it for 4 years and I absolutely love it!

YEM: You are in the new movie, Captain Marvel. Were you familiar with the Marvel franchise before joining the movie?
Akira:Yes I was, I actually watched some of the movies too! I watched Infinity War and Black Panther and I loved those movies

YEM: You play Captain Marvel’s niece. Did you get to bond with Brie Larson, who plays your aunt?
Akira: Yes I did and she is so amazing, she is just beyond a great person and actress!

YEM: Do you have any similarities with your character, Monica?
Akira: We both speak what’s on our mind and are very honest.

YEM: You recently played the younger version of Beth on This is Us. Had you seen the show before?
Akira: I have watched the show before and I really like it

YEM: Young Beth was a dancer. Do you have any dance experience?
Akira: Yes, actually I’ve been doing ballet since I was 4 so doing ballet was really fun