Jet Jurgensmeyer talks music and Last Man Standing

Jet Jurgensmeyer may only be 14, but he’s definitely making his pretense known. He is currently starring as a series regular on Last Man Standing. Also, he just released his new single “Real World,” written by Sabrina Carpenter. YEM spoke with Jet about his acting and working with Sabrina Carpenter on his new music.

Young Entertainment Mag: Our fans know you from Last Man Standing. What is it like to be a part of that show?
Jet Jurgensmeyer: I feel so blessed to be part of such a great family. I was a fan of the show before I even became part of it. Getting to work with such a great cast is just amazing for me.

YEM: You play Boyd. Do you have anything in common with Boyd? Are you and your character similar?
Jet: Boyd and I are about the same age. We both are very close with our Grandpa’s. It seems like we both have the same kinda teenage issues whether it’s girls, school or parents. LOL!

Cr: Michael Becker/FOX.

YEM: You’re also a musician! Tell us about your new song “Real World”.
Jet: “Real World” was written by Sabrina Carpenter, Josiah Rosen, Sandy Chila, & Abram Dean. Sabrina’s Mom played it for me the first time and I fell in love with it. I knew I wanted to record it. The song is so fun and people seem to really like it. I think it makes them want to dance.

YEM: Since the song was co-written by Sabrina Carpenter, what was it like to work with her? Did she give you any advice about being in the music and tv industry?
Jet: Sabrina is like a big sister to me. She is the best and so supportive. She has given me advice and is always there to keep me in line.

YEM: Which do you prefer: acting or singing?
Jet: I really couldn’t choose. I have been doing them both for so long. I love both of them equally and want to continue doing what I love. But I would love to do a musical. That way I can put them together.

YEM: Finally, what’s ahead for you? Will you be releasing an album?
Jet: I have more projects coming out soon. “The Legend of 5 Mile Cave” will be out on the INSP Network later this year. I have a new Disney Jr. animated series coming out. Plus I do have my first album that will be finished up and out late spring. I can’t wait for that to happen and hopefully, “Last Man Standing” will be back for another season.