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Meet Jorie Blake Rosen, an up-and-coming-actor and recording artist who has been in the entertainment industry since she was just three years old. Jorie released her second song called “#mytime” in 2022, which is a song about standing up to bullies and being proud of who you are. We have an exclusive interview with Jorie to learn more about her songs, songwriting process, future projects, and more, brought to you by Young Entertainment Exclusive. 

Jorie first got her start in musical theater, playing Abu in the Disney Musical Aladdin. After a few years, she worked in both the television and film world, with many projects to her name. She has starred in the films Superhero Sitcom, Quaramtwinned, and The French Cowboy. She also played the younger version of John Stamos’ daughter, Little Emma, in season two of the Disney+ TV show Big Shot. Jorie then developed her love of songwriting during the pandemic, as she took to writing down her thoughts and feelings in a journal after not being able to perform and being separated from friends due to Covid-19. She released her first song “Make Your Own Music” in 2021 before writing “#mytime.” She was also recognized for her talent, winning Best Youth Actress in 2022 from the Young Artist Academy. 

Jorie said the song “#mytime” carries the important message of being yourself and she hopes to inspire people with its lyrics. She said she saw stories on the news about the problems of cyberbullying and wanted to help people going through it. Jorie said it took some time to write “#mytime” because she wanted to give the lyrics the care they deserved. 

We asked Jorie about her songwriting process, and she said she typically starts with an idea in her head than works on a beat and lyrics which becomes the chorus.While she is still young and working in the entertainment industry, Jorie admitted she does get nervous about what people think of her music but tries to shake it off and just try her best. Jorie said she hopes to perform her songs live in the future. She also has new television projects in the works and hopes to release a few more songs in the near future. 

Thank you, Jorie, for your time and for speaking with YEM! Make sure to follow her on her Instagram at @jorieblakeofficial (Jorie Blake Rosen (@jorieblakeofficial) • Instagram photos and videos). Please also watch the interview below, where we ask her more questions such as balancing her career and school, and the differences between acting and singing. While you’re there, be sure to like, comment, and subscribe to our channel for the latest news in young entertainment!

Consider this: 

  • Don’t be afraid to tell your own story through your music. 
  • Be yourself and be patient – your time for achieving your dreams will come.
  • Whenever you get an idea for a song or potential lyrics, write it down so you don’t forget it!