Mike and Sully Are Back At It Again In “Monsters At Work”

Scaring is out and laughing is in at Monsters Inc.! There’s a new way to get power and Mike and Sully are running the whole thing!

Disney+ released the trailer for Monsters At work on the 11th and it hits home for most of us that grew up with Monster Inc. and Monsters University. By the way, this adaption is a series and not a movie like the previous two. Great, there’s never too much of Mike and Sully!

Things have really changed since Monsters Inc. The company has now started hiring monsters who can make kids bend over in laughter instead of crying from fright. 

The series has not lost its essence. All the original voices are coming back to reprise their respective roles. For example, Billy Crystal (voice of Mike), John Goodman (voice of Sully), and Bob Peterson (voice of Roz). There’s also new characters as well. There is a new monster named Tylor. Tylor is a fresh graduate of Monster University who applied to Monster Inc. to become a professional Scarer. To his dismay, he finds out that Monster Inc. left the scarring business and entered the laughing business as laughter was found to be way more powerful. 

So, Monster Inc. temporarily assigns Tylor to the Monsters Inc. Facilities Teams (M.I.F.T) until he works his way up to become a professional Jokester. M.I.F.T. is a team full of misfit underdog mechanics. Working there with the crew might give Tylor the personal growth that he needs. 

Another noticeable detail from the trailer was Mike and Sully’s promotion. It looks like they have both been promoted to heads of the incorporation. They got a big office, a huge window, and a really sweet view. It is great to see where they were and where they are now. 

The trailer is nostalgic to sum it up in one word. Check it out on YouTube now!