Mitchell Berg shares with YEM all about his experience on the Nickelodeon show Side Hustle

Mitchell Berg is an actor who can be seen in the Nickelodeon show Side Hustle. YEM was able to do an interview with Mitchell to learn more about him and his show Side Hustle. Mitchell portrays the character of Fisher. Side Hustle is a television series created by Dave Malkoff. It premiered on Nickelodeon on November 7, 2020. The series stars Jules LeBlanc, Jayden Bartels, Isaiah Crews, Mitchell Berg, and Jacques Chevelle. After accidentally setting their principal’s boat on fire, best friends Lex, Presley, and Munchy create an app to get jobs to pay off their debt. They’ll do whatever it takes – no matter how embarrassing. The second season of Side Hustle started premiering on October 2nd.

In the Interview YEM is able to speak with Mitchell about so much. Mitchell speaks a lot about being a part of a show such as Side Hustle, and just about being an actor in general. He even speaks a bit about his character Fisher, and about what it is like to play him. The interview is great, and Mitchell shares a lot of insight. His passion for acting and how much he really enjoys what he does really shined through when he spoke. It is apparent that he has a lot of knowledge and it was great to be able to learn so much from him.

When asked “What is your favorite part of filming Side Hustle?” Mitchell responds by saying “It is working with all the talented people on set who all work together and come together to create something that the audience will love.” Watch the full interview to see the whole conversation with Mitchell, to hear all of his answers, and all that he had to say. 

Make sure to watch Mitchell Berg in the second season of Side Hustle, and YEM’s full interview with him below!