Nashsville Recap Hanky Panky Woman 2×8

How do you get over choking in front of an audience of almost 50 thousand people? It helps if the queen of country music is on your side. It also helps if you have some artfully placed pink streaks in your hair. As Scarlett O’Connor can attest, after her stadium debut didn’t go over so well, she picked herself up and sung her pink haired heart out. It helped that Rayna smoothed the road for her. It also helped that her hair was pink. But back to Nashville. This week encompassed a ton tonally, including Peggy addressing her phantom pregnancy by staging a miscarriage. Lady is crazy. One almost feels badly for Teddy. ALMOST. Juliette tells off the Wentworth’s only to have Charles burst in at the end of the episode and tell her he’s fallen in love with her. Drama. Also, poor Avery. It’s unclear whether he’s going to end up with Juliette or Scarlett but either way, sort of seems like the poor sap is getting a raw deal. Rayna worked out her frustrations with Jeff Fordham over her record but not before Jeff got lawyers involved. Rayna placated him by giving him a monster hit in the form of a duet with Luke. Who wrote said duet? Why that would be Gunnar. At last, a break. Do you think that Jeff will keep up his end of the deal and give Gunnar a showcase? Do you think that Juliette and Avery will get together? What about Rayna and Jeff? Tune in next week to find out.