What You Need to Know About The Along for the Ride Movie

If you are looking for a relaxing, romantic film to watch for the summer, take a trip to the seaside town of Colby with Netflix’s new picture Along for the Ride (2022). The Along For The Ride movie is one we are really looking forward to.

Based on the hit novel by Sarah Dessen, the story follows an insomniac Auden (Emma Passarow), who travels to the aforementioned town to spend the summer with her mother, Victoria (Andie MacDowell of Groundhog Day), right before she starts college. When she meets the mysterious and charming Eli (Belmont Cameli), Auden discovers a carefree, exciting life that she never knew was possible.

Actress in Along For The Ride Movie

Character from Along For The Ride Book

In addition to the legendary MacDowell, the film also stars Dermot Mulroney (Lights Out) and Kate Bosworth (Superman Returns). Dessen’s vision has been adapted for the screen by Sofia Alvarez, best known for writing the first two To All the Boys films. Alvarez will also be making her directorial debut with this project, getting the chance to take Dessen’s source material, and create a unique teen coming-of-age tale of her own.

Sarah Dessen did a great job on the Along For The Ride book and we are excited to see that they made an Along For The Ride movie. What sets Along for the Ride apart from other teen romance movies, for those who never read the book and do not know the story, is that Auden is a kid who never got to experience a typical upbringing. This is, to be fair, a kid who was named after W.H. Auden, after all; all she has known is her family, and the written word.

The Along For The Ride movie explores timeless themes, such as learning to set boundaries with others, and the importance of vulnerability. Auden is a character who gradually, as she opens up to Eli, learns to set firm boundaries with her worried, sheltering mother. However, in contrast, Eli’s vulnerability is lacking, hiding something. This, as expected, leads to the typical betrayals, almost-breakup, and an authentic relatability for viewers- whether they are already fans of the novel, or if they discover it for the first time through this movie. Either way, be sure to check the Along For The Ride movie out on Netflix as soon as you can.