New Music Friday: July 14th

Making it through the work week calls for a celebration. This week’s New Music Friday at Young Entertainment Magazine can help you find a new song from a little-known artist, plus a debut album you probably haven’t heard of before.

From newly-released “CINTRO” by Chris Urriola to emotion-filled “THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING” by Diego Gonzalez, we’ve got you covered to a “T.” Here are our top 20 songs for New Music Friday ending on July 14, 2023.

1. “CINTRO” by Chris Urriola

Chris Urriola, a New York City musician and bassist of Hollis Brown, knew it was time to take the leap from bassist to frontman. Urriola’s new single “CINTRO” displays his exceptional singing and songwriting abilities. “CINTRO” has a broad appeal that can connect with indie fans, deep thinkers, and anyone looking for human connection during these modern times.
Urriola’s debut solo EP “Illustrator” was released on July 7, 2023. “Illustrator” can be described as a collection of songs about identity, universality of loss, and relationships. That being said, “Illustrator” can satisfy your musical and lyrical cravings.

2. “You” by Alyssa Scott

Alyssa Scott dived into the country disco scene with her new single “You” and you can listen to the mixture of the “dreamy country disco happiness” at your earliest convenience. Scott’s based in Nashville, but was born and raised in Minneapolis and attended and graduated from McNally Smith College of Music in Fargo.

Scott can be described as a dynamic country force in the genre-blending group. “You” blends Scott’s unique vocals, which are full of personality, and instruments that give an ethereal vibe to listeners like you. In addition, the lyrics in “You” are simple enough to sing along to, but complex enough to keep you coming back for more.

3. “More (Like That)” by Max Drazen

Max Drazen is a rising artist for a reason.

Drazen’s new single “More (Like That)” and debut EP “Someday” were recently released. “More (Like That)” features Drazen standing in a Malibu meadow and singing about being absolutely smitten with a new love in the official music video.

Drazen explained to The Hype Magazine, “I wrote ‘Someday’ about a time that I believed I was in love. It’s the first chapter in a long story about a relationship that ended last year.”

“I realized once we had broken up that I was never in love, I was just in love with our expectations. It’s hard because I think everyone goes into a relationship thinking it’s perfect and the person they’re with is perfect. But even if the feelings aren’t based in reality, they are still very meaningful. I wanted to represent those feeling in this EP, no matter how I feel about her now. So, I wrote these songs about that blind hope: about believing everything will be how you planned it. Because I still want to believe.”

4. “The Luck You Had” by PÆRISH

French indie rock band PÆRISH released a new single “The Luck You Had” and an accompanying music video. “The Luck You Had” was taken from their upcoming new album “You’re in both dreams (and you’re scared)” due August 18, 2023.

PÆRISH told Rock ‘N’ Load Mag, “This one might be the most unique on the album as we had to entirely re-write it in Philly with Will Yip … It was a completely different song when we brought it to him and he helped us make it new and intimate. I could never have imagined where it was going to go. This song will forever be attached to Studio 4.”

5. “No One Knew” by Wilmette

Chicago pop punk band Wilmette shared two new things with the general public.

Wilmette premiered their new single and music video for “No One Knew” on July 4, 2023. Wilmette’s upcoming LP “Hyperfocused” will be available on August 4, 2023.

6. “Driver” by Bennett Coast

Bennett Coast delivered in his new single and music video for “Driver” as he leaned into an escapism mindset while reveling in the inevitable act of growing older.

“Driver” is a track that romanticizes the idea of driving away and never looking back. Coast, a Bay Area native, sang about waiting for the moment when he feels in control of his own path.

Coast sings, “Come fly with me, I’m speeding into my starlight” and “Collide with me. I’m speeding to my starlight … If I lose control, I guess I’m not a lost cause.”

7. “Heroes” by Aaron Marlowe

Aaron Marlowe is a rising rock artist for the right reasons.

Marlowe released his new single “Heroes” and accompanying music video on June 23, 2023. “Heroes” told a story of a person being let down and walked out on by people who are supposed to protect you.

Throughout the song, Marlowe described how hard it is to trust again after dealing with so many broken promises. “Heroes” is an honest story that bears Marlowe’s heart to his listeners.

8. “odd day” by Jordi

Jordi is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who’s inevitably bound for alternative rock greatness.

Jordi’s leading single “odd day” comes from her upcoming debut album “Sorry I’m Late” due on August 4, 2023. “odd day” is a somber yet gritty alternative rock track that juxtaposes her subsequent singles “so easy” and “clear” in a nutshell.

Jordi explained in a recent interview with Noisescape Magazine, “Some days just suck. This song is like a hug for when that kind of day hits you. It’s the dissociation between what’s in front of you and feeling; a sense of nostalgia that acts a warm blanket, or a lurking apprehension that sends shivers down the spine that aches to end the pain. Everything stops feeling real and time just exists.”

9. “Don’t Die” by The Bloodstrings

German punk rock and punkabilly band The Bloodstrings debuted their new single “Don’t Die” off their new album “Heartache Radio” released on June 16, 2023.

“Don’t Die” is a song about a person not giving up. The Bloodstrings had their fair share of personal issues, such as bassist Nick’s father, who was suffering from cancer. “Don’t Die” is the most emotional track on “Heartache Radio” via Dackelton Records.

10. “Teardrops” by Liz Cass

Liz Cass has an ability to wear her heart on her sleeve, even in her music.

Cass’ new single “Teardrops” is a delightful showcase of her singing talents. “Teardrops” showcases her displaying broad vocal abilities, reinterpreting iconic hits, and putting distinct spins on classic tracks.

11. “Product Of” by Lewis Brice ft. Lee Brice

“Who is Lewis Brice?” you ask.

Lewis Brice is a country rocker who has amassed more than 50 million streams.

Lewis Brice’s new single “Product Of” features his brother Lee Brice. “Product Of” held special meaning to Lewis, who exclusively told Taste of Country, “That song is inspired by my parents and how we were raised, so it made a lot of sense for him to jump on that song with me.”

12. “Cool Guy” by Izzy Mahoubi

Phoenix indie singer-songwriter Izzy Mahoubi released her new single “Cool Guy” ahead of her brand-new EP “How To Run” due on July 21, 2023.

When asked about the process of writing Cool Guy, Mahoubi responded, “Writing ‘Cool Guy’ was one of the most effortless, cathartic, and fun experiences I’ve ever had songwriting. After a four month whirlwind of being swept into the indie music scene in Phoenix, I stood back and realized what looked so glamorous and exciting was all a facade.”

13. “Cheap Paradise” by Erin Viancourt

Emerging singer-songwriter Erin Viancourt debuted a new single “Cheap Paradise” also known as a celebration of life’s simple pleasures. “Cheap Paradise” was the second song from Viancourt’s upcoming debut album “Won’t Die This Way” due on July 21, 2023.

Of the song, Viancourt shared, “I think the thing that is so cool about ‘Cheap Paradise’ is that we all have our own version of it. Paradise doesn’t always have a price tag associated with it. A lot of the times it’s simply appreciating what you have and having the people you love near you.”

14. “Black Cage” by Charming Liars

Los Angeles alternative rock band Charming Liars unveiled a new single “Black Cage” to convey the dread that comes with the modern machine. “Black Cage” was produced by the band’s own Karnig Manoukian, and built on the band’s spacious sound but approached darker themes, such as the double-edged sacrifices made in the name of progress.

Charming Liars shared to Wildfire Music + News, “‘Black Cage’ is a dark dive for us musically and thematically. It’s written as a sort of a commentary on the flaws of the modern age and the investments in blood that have aided in its creation. We feel the musical soundscapes really represent the heartbeat and dread of the machine, while the lyrics suggest we reject its predetermined routes and rewrite them.”

15. “Banks of the Yellowstone” by Rob Wolf

Emerging country artist Rob Wolf released a new single “Banks of the Yellowstone” as a sentimental tribute to his hometown in Montana, a sleepy town that lies along the banks of the Yellowstone River.

After moving to Nashville, Wolf continues to remember and acknowledge the people back in Montana, while giving himself a pep talk.

Wolf explained, “I wrote this song when I had first arrived in Nashville, and I was lonely and missing my life back home and the people in it … I wanted to honor my hometown with a song and remind myself that no matter where I was in life, that sleepy town on the banks of the Yellowstone is my home.”

16. “Leave You Behind” by OTR ft. Bipolar Sunshine

OTR and Bipolar Sunshine won’t leave you behind.

Atlanta producer OTR and Manchester singer-songwriter Bipolar Sunshine released a new single “Leave You Behind” from OTR’s upcoming new album “Be Quiet, They’re Listening” due on July 28, 2023.

Ryan Chadwick, also known as OTR, is an aerospace engineer-turned-producer. Chadwick recalled, “‘Leave You Behind’ was actually written after one vocal take and a short time of messing with a Prophet synthesizer … And for a while, I didn’t know if I ever was going to finish it, but I’m glad I did. It was really fun to just write in the moment and I think the song reflects that feeling.”

Bipolar Sunshine added, “Working with OTR was super easy! I feel we made something that speaks to us both. It gives me festival feels.”

17. “Turn It Up” by Hannah Anders

Hannah Anders released a rockin’ new single “Turn It Up” to show the public that she knows how to party. “Turn It Up” is a unique country song that opens with a classic rock-and-roll lead guitar and follows with a strong drum beat.

“Turn It Up” has the same uplifting force as Shania Twain’s “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” and Gretchen Wilson’s “Here For The Party” to say the least. “Turn It Up” has seen massive success as it was recently nominated by LOZ Radio for “Song Of The Year” and held the No. 1 spot for a solid month on Australia’s Power FM Station.

Anders said, “I have had the privilege of yelling the chorus at the top of my lungs with audiences around the world and feeling the amazing energy that this song brings out of the crowd. Of all of the songs I have written, this remains one of my absolute favorites.”

18. “Carousel” by Ryan Brown

Ryan Brown is just 17-years-old, but she already has an illustrious career.

Brown has performed at countless events, such as The Sound Mind Network Music Festival. Brown’s new single “Carousel” shows that she’s an old soul at heart, thanks to its upbeat tunes, unique perspectives about relationships, and authentic highs and lows of teenage lives.

19. “First Base” by Emma Ogier

Houston singer-songwriter Emma Ogier is quickly making a name for herself. Ogier, who’s 19-years-old, draws inspiration from established artists, such as Joni Mitchell, Lori McKenna, and Phoebe Bridges.

Ogier’s new single “First Base” combines her unique sound with country and indie pop elements. Her standout vocals and introspective lyrics openly explore anxiety, insecurity, and the fear of rejection. She wrote “First Base” to help her better understand and cope with the feelings associated with being misunderstood by individuals.

20. “Thank You For Everything” by Diego Gonzalez

17-year-old singer-songwriter Diego Gonzalez released “Thank You For Everything” via Island Records on July 7, 2023.

“Thank You For Everything” is a vibey new track that’s a tender token of appreciation for a significant other. The deep-cut track showcased Gonzalez’s passionate singing and dreamy, lo-fi production.

Gonzalez shared a heartfelt core message, “When you listen to me, I hope you’re reminded of what love looks like … I want you to feel like love is supposed to be pure and strong. Love is also something you need to be careful with — because it can hurt too. That’s what I’m singing about.”