New Music Friday: September 29th

Check out this Friday’s newest musical releases! 

1)  Bryan Ruby – “Left Field”

Bryan Ruby ‘s new song “Left Field” is spectacular lyrical masterpiece that combines creative messages from the game of baseball with unique musical aspect that echo the classic country feel. This song is a home run in every way!

2) Destiny Rogers – “Save My Love”

This new single from Destiny Rogers is the perfect vibey love song for your fall playlist!

3) Olivia Frances – “Show Me What I’m Looking For”

This fresh take on a classic song by the band “Carolina Liar” turns the high energy song into a soft indie pop vibe. If you love the original version of this tune, you’re definitely going to want to check this new version out!

4) Kaleb Sanders – “A Couple Beers From Now”

Country music fans, you are going to love this one! With creative and witty lyrics, Kaleb Sanders has released an honest and relatable country banger.

5) Lxandra – “Blonde” 

Pop queen Lxandra has just dropped her newest single “Blonde”. You’re definitely going to want to check out this music video below for this one!

6) Maria Wilman – “Full Circle” 

Maria Wilman has just dropped her album and our favorite track is “Full Circle”. We hope you’ll give it a listen. It is totally unique and is sure to draw you in with its out of the box melodies.

7) The Suicide Disease – “Flood”

“Flood” is the perfect angsty rock song to blare with the volume all the way up! If you like bands like 5 Seconds of Summer or Green Day, you are sure to love this song from The Suicide Disease.

8) Amilie Jat – “2028”

Amelie Jat’s new song “2028” is the perfect nostalgic bop for your autumn playlist!

9) The Buckleys – “Wondering”

This new tune from The Buckleys is a beautiful Country Pop song. If you like Kelsea Ballerini or Mackenzie Porter, you are sure to love this song. And make sure to check out the cinematic masterpiece of a music video in the links below.

10) Youth Fountain – “Roses in my Backpack”

In preparation for their new album Together in Lonesome, Youth Fountain releases its punk rock love song. If you like the early 2000s rock sound found In songs like “Dear Maria; Count me In”, you will absolutely love this tune.

11) Sarah Reeves – “Get Back Your Fight”

Sarah Reeves’ song “Get Back Your Fight” is an uplifting and inspiring song that is sure to make you want to move.

12) Talk – “Wasteland” 

Talk’s new song “Wasteland” is an intense track that is lyrical art that paints a vivid picture in listeners minds. Make sure to check it out wherever you get your music.

13) Lovetta – “Having a Good Time”

Lovetta’s new tune “Having a Good Time” is an upbeat tune that is perfect for a midnight drive with the windows down. With vocal styles that echo artists like Shakira and Selena Gomez, this track is sure to be a favorite.

14) Janet Noh – “Do What You Want”

With an incredible piano intro, this song is a unique combination of pop, classical, and R&B melodies. It’s a creative and inspirational song that relates to anyone who just wants to “do what they want”.

15) Mae Muller – “Me, Myself & I”

Mae Muller’s new song “Me, Myself and I” is an intense and independent power ballad that is sure to be a new fan favorite.

16) Blaine Hocomb – “Boot Shoppin’”

This classy country tune from Blaine Holcomb is sure to know your boots right off. It’s sweet and funny and the perfect modern country bop.

17) Madeline the Person – “Watercolor Flowers”

New from Madeline the Person, “Watercolor Flowers” paints the most beautiful picture for all listeners. Make sure to check out this music video!

18) Ashlie Amber – “Money”

Ashlie Amber has done it again with her hip-hop country hybrid song “Money”. This song is witty and creative and relatable, check it out now!

19) Nikita Lev – “Nowhere Bar”

If you are looking for the perfect song to put on to vibe out to, this tune is the ones for you!

20) Taylor Acorn – “Sticking Around” 

Taylor Acorn’s new album Certified Depressant has just released. Check out “Sticking Around” and the rest of this project for some pop-rock jams!

Thanks for listening to this week’s new fresh finds and make sure to tune in next week for 20 more hit songs!