New Trailer, New Suit: ‘Spiderman Homecoming’

Summer is almost here. That means warm sunny days, ice cream, and high budget movies. This summer in particular marks the return of our friendly neighborhood Spiderman (Tom Holland) in Spiderman Homecoming. Just recently Marvel Studios released a brand new trailer showing some cool new scenes of Spiderman in actions. Check out the trailer and read below as we breakdown some details from the trailer.


Lets start with the elephant in the room, or should I say Vulture? Michael Keaton’s villain took a back seat for this trailer as the studio wanted to show case more of Spiderman being Spiderman. However, we still have seen a lot of great stuff for the Vulture, and he’s shaping up to be a great villain. The weakest aspects of Marvel’s films have always been the villains, but Michael Keaton might just be the one to change that. His dialogue that we have seen so far has been chilling, and his mechanical suit is very impressive. It’s going to be thrilling watching the two battle it out in the skies.


Iron Man

It’s no surprise that Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is going to have presence in the film. It’s clear that Marvel is setting him up as a father figure for the young web slinger. However, those of you expecting Tony and Peter to team up in the climax will probably be disappointed. This is still Peter’s movie, and Tony knows that. His presence will compare more to that of Nick Fury’s in the second Iron Man film. He’s going to give Peter his new suit. Then when Peter fails, he’ll be there to help him find the strength to prevail.


New Suit

The real standout of this trailer was the Spiderman suit. The previous trailers showed glimpses of its capability, but were treated to whole thing today. It’s amazing! Every previous Spiderman suit had basically been red and blue fabric. This one blows them all out of the water. Tony managed to put his technology in an ultra thin suit and optimize it for Peter’s superpowers. It’s tricked out with gadgets, wing gliders, and a personal assistant. Everything a growing boy needs.


Romance? (Mild Spoilers)

Marvel is still being very coy with the romance part of the film, which is ironic considering the film is about a homecoming dance. The first trailer planted seeds that Zendaya’s character is Peter’s love interest. Then when leaks came from on set, it was confirmed that she in fact is “MJ.” They don’t have to come out and say that is her name, but it would be nice to see more of the their love dynamic and how they play off each other. Although, it’s also possible that Marvel did a rewrite and worked that out of the movie completely. We’ll have to wait and see.