Top 5 scenes from “Everything, Everything” (Mild Spoilers)

There’s one romantic movie in theaters right now that is taking audiences by storm. That’s right- it’s “Everything, Everything,” the adaptation of Nicola Yoon’s debut novel. The story deals with sickness, romance, and betrayal; everything that makes a good movie. Let’s take a look at the 5 best scenes from the film (and don’t worry, we’re not spoiling the ending).

5. The First Text

The movie centers around the relationship between Maddy (Amandla Stenberg)  and Olly (Nick Robinson). Maddy has a sickness that prevents her from going outside, so she hasn’t left her house since she was a baby. After years of seeing the world through her window, she sees something new in the house next door: Olly. The two haven’t met in person, but that doesn’t keep them from staring at each other from afar in an anything-but-subtle way. Since they can’t talk to each other, they communicate through their bedroom windows. Olly finally writes his phone number on his window, convincing Maddy to text him and introduce herself. And there you have it: technology gives birth to Maddy and Olly’s star-crossed love story.

4. The Fantasy Scenes

Since Maddy spends so much time at home, she entertains herself by building different types of dioramas. She can’t meet Olly face to face, so she imagines the two of them meeting inside the worlds of her little dioramas. A restaurant, a library, even outer space, no place is too big or small for them to be together in Maddy’s imagination.

3. Maddy Decides to go Outside

The turning point of the movie, and one of the most emotional scenes of the entire film. After lots of consideration, and years away from the outside world, Maddy decides to take a huge risk and go outside. She packs a backpack, and leaves her house for the first time, entering the outside world. She knows what is at stake, but she has to know what would happen, and nothing is stopping her from finding out. She meets Olly outside their houses and tells him her plan. Olly tries to get Maddy back into her house, but with no luck. She’s outside for good, and she wants to experience the world for the first time, and with Olly. Maddy has two plane tickets and a dream for her and Olly to explore a place that is very close to her heart.  Which brings us to…

2. Hawaii

Maddy and Olly have traveled across the country to paradise: Hawaii. It’s hard to imagine that this is Maddy’s first time seeing the outside world, because her first time outside is in the most beautiful of places. It’s peaceful, calming, colorful, and allows Maddy to take chances she never would’ve imagined. As beautiful as it is, this scene would make anyone jealous. Who wouldn’t want to run away to a gorgeous tropical island with their love?

1.The First Kiss/ The Fourth of July

This is the scene that stands out more than any other. There are so many firsts; it’s one of the first times Maddy has interacted with anyone new in years, one of the first times she interacts with her crush, and her first kiss. It’s not just any first kiss, it’s on the fourth of July with the scene of fireworks perfectly set. You can feel the tension between Maddy and Olly until the two finally have the most perfect first kiss together. “Is it always like that?” asks Maddy. “It’s never like that,” Olly replies with a smile.

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