RavenswoodScared To Death

What a wild ride Ravenswood is turning out to be. The midseason finale was a nail-biter.”The Five” almost died this week — in fact, Caleb actually died for a short period of time. When he crossed over to the other side he came back saying being with Miranda felt right. We now know that’s because he and old timey Miranda were actually lovers. The letters they’ve been finding piecemeal are wedding vows. Also, the original duo had someone make a sacrifice on their behalf that would bring them back eventually to break the curse. What does this mean, exactly? Well the Miranda and Caleb we all know and love may in fact be the Miranda and Caleb of times past. This would be all fine and good for them, but what about Haleb? That’s right, we get another glimpse of Haleb when Hanna places a call to Caleb this episode. Caleb is clearly torn, but our money’s on Miranda. They are bound across space and time, after all. On the Collins/Grunwald front: Collins dug up Miranda’s grave. Is it old Miranda’s grave or new Miranda’s grave? Unclear. Grunwald almost told him that Caleb is “still alive.” It’s also unclear if this is a good thing or a bad thing for the shifty pair. Finally, Luke and Remy are back together! Also, Dillon is a bad dude…shocker. It came to light that he was responsible for trying to trap “The Five” in the twisted dream. Sorry, Olivia. Will Caleb and Miranda manifest their destiny and end up together? Tune in again in January to find out.