The Elmo Vs. Rocco Feud– Whose Side Are You On?

2022 has kicked us off with one of the most important questions: has Elmo lost his chill? 

Sesame Street Muppet Elmo’s interactions with Muppet Zoe’s pet rock Rocco have gone viral over the past few days. Instagram and Twitter accounts have been posting about Elmo’s reactions to Rocco saying things like he is fed up, unhinged, and has no chill. Elmo’s Twitter account has even shared tweets addressing the clips, playing right into this viral debate. Is this one of the greatest rivalries ever? 

Instagram account “shityoushouldcareabout” shares the videos and Elmo’s tweets. 


The first video on the account’s page shows Elmo and Zoe discussing whether Elmo would trade his cookies with her pet rock (Rocco). The video has been viewed over 6.9 billion times. 

When Zoe says Elmo can’t have the oatmeal cookie because her pet Rocco said he wanted it, Elmo begins getting frustrated saying, “Rocco, Rocco is a rock, Zoe,” and “How? How is Rocco going to eat that cookie?” 

That’s not the only video with Elmo showing his frustration towards Rocco, though. The Instagram account shows another clip of Zoe asking Elmo if Rocco could play with them too and Elmo expressed that rocks can’t play. As Zoe tries to defend her pet, Elmo begins making faces and getting sassy with her. Zoe even went so far as to say maybe Elmo couldn’t hear Rocco because Elmo couldn’t speak rock. This leads Elmo to roll his eyes and even bang his head on Gabi. Yes, Elmo is THAT Muppet.

However, Rocco isn’t the only example there is of Elmo losing his cool! As seen in the post, Elmo takes a bite of the talking cheese that asks, “do you want a piece of me?” He immediately pops up and bites into the cheese, then throws it while responding, “Yes.” Elmo then asks the lady trying to get him under control if she “wants a piece of Elmo.” 

The last video really shows Elmo losing it. When he was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Fallon says Elmo should’ve come to rehearsal and Elmo gets so mad at him and even says Fallon isn’t invited to Sesame Street anymore. He even talks directly to the camera, making Fallon cover his mouth to shush him. 

So, are you team Elmo or team Rocco (wait, can a rock have its own team)? We’ll let you decide if this is truly the greatest rivalry of all time. 

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