Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from April 24-30

1. Crush (Hulu) (April 28)

In this LGBTQ rom-com, aspiring artist Paige (Rowan Blanchard) joins her high school’s track team, unexpectedly discovering love with a fellow teammate named AJ (Auli’I Cravalho). 

2. Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles (Season 1) (Netflix) (April 28)

This adventure follows young Samurai Yuichi, who is descended from the warrior Miyamoto Usagi, as he journeys to become the samurai he was meant to be.

3. Arden Grey by Ray Stoeve (April 26)

This drama follows sixteen-year-old Arden Grey as she navigates several conflicts. Her mom is gone, something her dad and younger brother won’t discuss. Her classmate Tanner bullies her for her asexuality. Tanner feels evermore isolated when Jamie starts dating Caroline, forcing her to decide if she’s jealous, or if her friend’s relationship is unhealthy, rethinking her relationship with her mom.

4. Pompo the Cinephile (April 29)

Joelle Davidovich Pomponette (aka Pompo-san) is an unfulfilled film producer at the movie capital ‘Nyallywood’, producing B-level action films. When her assistant Gene, who has always been skeptical of her choice of film genres, is assigned to direct a film based on a script written by Joelle, will he be able to make her vision the best it can be?

5. The Key to Fury (The Key, Book 2) by Kristin Cast (April 26)

In Westfall, the Key Corporation has kept everyone safe from pandemics for fifty years. After Elodie and Aiden discover the company’s shocking truth, they escape to find New Dawn, the support system for the resistance against the Key corporation. This leads them on a journey of secrets, survival, and learning who to trust.

6. Sofia Carson Talks Debut Album, Relationships, Purple Hearts & UNICEF, The Zach Sang Show

In this interview, Sofia Carson discusses her debut album, her relationships, working with UNICEF, and her upcoming Netflix film Purple Hearts.

7. Act YA Age: ‘Empire of Storms’ by Sarah J Maas (new podcast episode)

On this latest episode of the enthralling YA literary podcast, a special guest joins hosts Tasia and Corinne to discuss book five in the Throne of Glass franchise.

8. Dodo, Season 1 (HBO Max) (April 28)

Joe Connolly navigates his freshman year of high school in this wacky animated comedy. Whether sending a text to the wrong recipient, or losing his school trousers, Joe manages to triumph, with best friends Lily, Pete and Frisbo by his side.

9. Jagged Little Pill by Eric Smith (April 26)

The lives of five teens intertwine in this poignant novel. Jo, who wants her mom to accept her queer identity, is devastated when her friend Frankie becomes infatuated with someone new. Phoenix tries to fit in at school, wanting to bond with Frankie while helping his sick sister at home. Bella hopes to finish high school and head to college without a problem. Everyone’s stories intersect when Bella is assaulted, and it seems the perpetrator might get away with it.