Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from May 22-28

1. Stranger Things: Season 4, Volume 1 (Netflix) (May 27)

Face off against the paranormal once again with volume one of the horrific new season of Stranger Things. After the explosive finale of season three, Eleven, Steve, Robin, and the rest of the gang enter into an even darker chapter of their journey than ever before.

2. Just Your Local Bisexual Disaster by Andrea Mosqueda (May 24)

In this heartwarming, hilarious coming-of-age story, Maggie Gonzalez must find the perfect escort for her sister’s Quinceanera. As she does so, she is forced to face her growing romantic feelings for three different people: her best friend Amanda, her ex-boyfriend Matthew, and new girl Dani. All of this, whilst Maggie simultaneously worries about what lies ahead in her future.

3. I Guess I Live Here Now by Claire Ahn (May 24)

After moving to Seoul, Melody Lee initially has an easy time making new friends, getting settled into her new house, and even discovers some of the upsides of living in Korea: a cute new boy to hang with, delicious food, and to-die-for fashion. However, Melody discovers there’s a price to pay as friendships break apart, and familial secrets rise to the surface.

4. WOOSUNG Talks MOTH EP, The Rose’s Upcoming Music, Creating His Own Company, Moving to Korea & More, The Zach Sang Show (YouTube)

Pop star WOOSUNG stops by Zach’s place to discuss his new EP ‘Moth’, the process of starting his own company, what it was like moving to Korea, and more.

5. The Bob’s Burger Movie (May 27)

The Belchers make it to the big screen, as they unify to save their beloved business from being devoured by a sinkhole that’s located right in front of their shop.

6. Don’t Forget the Lyrics, Series Premiere (Hulu) (May 24)

Niecy Nash hosts this unique musical competition, as players sing popular songs with the accompaniment of an in-house band. But when the lyrics disappear and the music stops, will they still know the lyrics well enough to win a $1 million prize?

7. Pac-Man Museum + (May 27)

Join Pac-Man for the ultimate throwback as he brings fourteen of his games into one, including Pac-Man 256 and Pac-Man: Championship Edition. 

8. Teen Titans Go! Season 7, Part B (May 23)

Join your favorite teen superheroes, as they grapple with what to do after deciding to end their crusade against evil.

9. Becoming… Actor and Series Regular Larry Saperstein (‘Big Red’ in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series) (Spotify)

In this recent episode, Michelle chats with Larry Saperstein about his roles, most notably ‘Big Red’, the best friend of Ricky from the hit series High School Musical: The Musical- The Series. 

10. SOS by Jordan Lively (Spotify)

Find solace in this ballad about reaching out for help when life just feels overwhelming. With soulful lyrics and equally meditative instrumentals, this song will move you deeply.