Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from October 16-22

1. The School for Good and Evil (Netflix) (October 19)

This action-packed fantasy follows Sophie (Sophia Anne Caruso) and Agatha (Sofia Wylie), two besties who find themselves in the middle of a magical battle when they are whisked to a school catering to do-gooders and evildoers alike.

2. Midnights by Taylor Swift (October 21)

If you like Taylor Swift, you’ll definitely want to check out her new album Midnights. Created as a series of thirteen songs with an overarching story, the album will explore the love, turmoil, and uncertainty we go through in order to find ourselves. And don’t forget to check out our article on Liddy Clark’s single ‘Nothing Like New York’ if you missed it. 

Liddy Clark on her single Nothing Like New York

3. Spider-Man: The New Animated Series, Season 1 (Disney+) (October 19)

Starring Neil Patrick Harris as the voice of the famed webslinger, this animated adventure follows him in his continuous journey to fight the forces of evil, whilst still living a normal life on the side. As long as we’re on the subject, check out our past New Music Friday listicle on ‘The Evolution of Spider-Man’. 

New Music Fridays: The Evolution of Spider-Man

4. Nothing Sung and Nothing Sooner by Nita Tyndall (October 18)

In 1938, right before the start of WWII, Charlotte Kraus’ best friend Angelika Haas introduces her to a swing and jazz club. Though the club is a risk to return to under Nazi rule, Charlotte does so anyway, eventually sparking a revolution. This puts her family, and her friendship with Angelika, the daughter of a senior Nazi Party officer, at risk.

5. Is Vampire Diaries Leaving Netflix? Yes, No, Maybe?

In this exclusive article from YEM, we answer your burning questions about whether or not beloved supernatural saga The Vampire Diaries is leaving Netflix officially, and where else you may be able to find it if so. 

Is Vampire Diaries Leaving Netflix? Yes, No, Maybe?

6. Takin’ It Back by Meghan Trainor (October 21)

In this beautifully empowering, meditative album from the mastermind behind ‘All About That Bass’, she tackles motherhood, all the challenges that comes with it, and the joys of it as well.

7. The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers- Season 2, Episode 4 (Disney+)

As Draft Day rolls around the corner, Alex (Lauren Graham) is under serious pressure to find the right players. However, she has trouble contending with the appeal of Coach Cole (Josh Duhamel). Meanwhile, Sofi (Swayam Bathia) and Evan’s (Brady Noon) goals threaten to pull them apart as summer looms ahead.

8. The Whispering Dark by Kelly Andrew (October 18)

In this supernatural coming-of-age tale, Delaney Meyers-Petrov struggles with the harshness of bullying at school due to her deafness. However, when she meets the spirit of a dead boy named Colton Price, and a fellow student mysteriously dies, the two must form an alliance and discover some dark secrets in order to defeat a powerful, merciless enemy. Also, make sure to read our recent interview with author Margot Harrison on her book We Made It All Up.

YEM Author Interview: Margot Harrison chats about growing up reading the classic YA thrillers that led her to writing We Made It All Up

9. Wyrm (Hulu) (October 21)

This surrealistic comedy follows an awkward kid named Tommy (Ryan Alessi) navigating romance in an alternative 1990s where everyone has electronic bracelets that detach only after their first kiss.

10. Crybaby by Tegan and Sera (October 21)

In this heartbreaking-yet-healing new album, the musical sisters reflect on all the stuff they both went through as teenagers, and how it’s shaped them since then. Also, check out our past article on Michael Cimino’s single ‘Make Me Wanna Dance’ while you’re looking for new stuff to listen to. 

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