Up and Comer: Willa Fitzgerald

Willa Fitzgerald is on YE’s radar.

You may not have heard of her just yet, but Willa Fitzgerald is one to watch. Right now she stars as “good girl” Emma Duvall on MTV’s “Scream.” The reboot is not getting fantastic reviews but Willa is a beacon of light in the otherwise dull remake of the classic. This is nothing new if you’ve seen her in “Royal Pains,” where she also brought depth to a character searching for her biological father in the Hamptons.

In Scream, her character is pegged as the goodie two shoes of the bunch, but in reality she’s bringing a layered portrayal to a woman who is conflicted with the bullying and casual death she’s surrounded with. She reacts much like the average young person would to her situation with a realness lacking from those around her.

Not a lot of information is available on Willa just yet, but based on the few interviews she’s given she’s a pretty cool lady. With a little digging, we’ve found out her favorite scary movie is the original “Let the Right One In.” So she likes vampires. Who doesn’t? She also goes on record to say she’s just as freaked out by psycho killers tracking us through our smart phones as we are. All in all, she seems like she’s excited for the opportunity to grow and will continue to do just that.

And the audiences agree! She’s up for a Teen Choice Award for Choice Summer TV Star: Female and if her retweets are any indication she’s getting some votes! Want in? Vote for her here!

YE will be watching to see if she wins!

Check her out in Scream below.




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