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 Brooke Wexler in Richie Rich

Actress Brooke Wexler may look like a traditional California girl when strolling the grounds of Pepperdine University where she’s currently studying, but the Toronto native is actually a recent transplant on the fast-track to living the Hollywood dream.  With the blessing and encouragement of her family, Wexler followed her dream of pursuing acting and moved west after graduating high school.  It wasn’t long before she garnered a role in Crackle’s thriller series SEQUESTERED about a jury deliberating a case with massive implications.  She portrayed Summer Glau’s edgy sister in the show which also starred Jesse Bradford, Bruce Davison, and Patrick Warburton, among others. 

Wexler has since transitioned into the iconic role of Irona the Robot in Netflix’s streaming live-action series RICHIE RICH from Brian Robbins’ Awesomeness TV (May ’15 Season 2 Launch).  As the loyal maid, she joins the trillionaire boy and his friends in their daily antics.

Wexler gave us the inside scoop about her new role:

“I think every actor is unique and different in regard to the way they approach things, represent roles, etc. What I feel makes me unique is that I don’t take myself too seriously. When I am handed a role I truly treat that character like a separate being and think about how that person would react in real life and time. For me, it is all about what the audience would believe and if I have to take myself and my own quips or traits out of the equation to achieve that I will.

The character I play in “Richie Rich” is extremely fun to play. Her name is Irona and she is Richie Rich’s robot maid. She definitely has an attitude toward her job, and although she jokes, she is truly a part of the family. I think the most fun I have when playing a comedic or unique character like this one is the ability to make people laugh. So at the end of the day, the number one thing I would want people to take away from this role is that she made them smile.”

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