YEM talks with Electro-Pop duo Fabriq

Fabriq is an Electro-Pop Funk duo comprised of LA natives Daniel Davila and Cooper Bell. The duo released two singles in their first year as collaborators and debuted their first music video on Billboard. They have racked up over 243,000,000 impressions with 1,300,000 music video views, and over 400,000 music streams on Spotify and SoundCloud. Fabriq just released the second single off of their upcoming EP called Serotonin, and recently released the song’s music video. The boys are even taking over YEM’s Snapchat today during their NYC concert performance that is benefiting the hurricane relief effort. Check out YEM’s exclusive interview with the duo here!

Young Entertainment Mag: Fabriq is a very original name, what’s the story behind it?

Fabriq: The name came from a conversation we were having about why people love art. People invest a lot of their time into appreciating art, regardless of their career, simply because they are inherently creative. Viewers and listeners of art, whether they are aware of it or not, are helping to creating the art themselves simply by listening and adding their own experience and perspective. We were looking for a word to describe that energy between the artist, the audience, and the art itself. We later realized that “Fabric” was the perfect word… a “fabric” that could keep those three pieces connected. We added the “Q” at the end because were huge fans of a group called Musiq Soulchild… the R&B elements of our music pull a lot of influence from them.

YEM: Is there any personal inspiration behind the story for your new EP, “Serotonin?”

Fabriq: The EP is actually self titled, and our upcoming single is called “Serotonin”, but both absolutely draw on personal inspiration. As the story unfolds throughout the EP, you’ll see that it’s all about a single relationship that pulls on different parts of each of our real experiences. The two singles off the EP are the beginning and end of the story… “Serotonin” is the start and “Get Behind the Feeling” is the end. The rest is told throughout six other tracks on the EP.

YEM: The EP has a visual storyline where a girl is struggling between two different worlds and we get to see it play out. Was it difficult creating something to go along with the songs or did you already have a vision in mind?

Fabriq: We actually write with visuals in mind a lot. It helps us craft more specific storylines in our songs. It’s almost like we’re reading a comic book while we write and using it to think through the story visually as we lay sections out musically.

YEM: The title track has an upbeat and carefree sound, but the lyrics contradict the name and sound of the song, revealing darker undertones of the story that coincide with the visuals in the music video. Why did you decide to have so many contradictions throughout the EP?

Fabriq: Relationships with other people and with yourself are never one color, so we need to have contradictions in music in order to be truthful in the stories we tell. One of the biggest misconceptions about the happy chemical, “Serotonin”, is that happiness can be boiled down to a chemical in the first place. It’s way more complicated than that, because life is full of contradictions of all sorts.

YEM: What was your favorite part of the process for creating “Serotonin?”

Fabriq: Our favorite part of the creative process is writing and vocal tracking. We’re all about the song and how we deliver it. The track is really just a vehicle for what we want to say. One of our favorite moments is the Earth Wind and Fire style background vocal moment at the end of Serotonin.

YEM: If you could pick one artist, dead or alive, to collaborate with, who would it be and why?

Fabriq: There’s two of us so we’ll each pick one. We’d really love to collaborate with David Bowie and Prince. They’re inspiring to us because they always pushed the limits on what was classified as pop music. Some of their more obscure stuff got so weird that almost nobody ever listened to it, but they did music a service by being willing to go there and see what happened.

Head over to YEM’s Snapchat to see Fabriq’s takeover!