YEM’s TOP 5 Singles of 2022

2022 saw the release of many great songs from talented artists! It took a lot of work for us to pick just five for our top YA song lists this year. But we did it. These songs were chosen because of their popularity and how they resonate with young adult listeners everywhere. Check out the list. Maybe your favorite song of 2022 made it!

1. Lifeline by Joshua Bassett

21-year-old American singer and songwriter Joshua Basset is first on our list of top young adult songs of 2022. Joshua’s single, Lifeline, off his third EP titled Sad Songs in a Hotel Room, relays his near-death experience. Joshua has frequently described the song and his entire album as a reflection of his life and how precious the people are in it. Lifeline is a perfect song for young adults who have overcome challenges and persevered. 

2. Right Place by Adrian Lyles

Most of you know Adrian Lyles as Jet in the hit television series High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Right Place is off the original soundtrack for HSMTMTS. The song is about walking away from someone you love only to hurt them more by your absence. Right Place relays the things many young adults have had to experience, such as love, loss, and regret. YEM was able to do an exclusive interview with Jet, Check it out here!

3. Anti-Hero by Taylor Swift

No top music list would be complete without the one and only Taylor Swift. Not only is Anti-Hero catchy and one of the biggest songs to come out of 2022, but the message is also great for young adults. Anti-Hero is also one of Swift’s most vulnerable songs as it relays the inner struggles, she, along with many young adults, struggle with, such as depression, self-doubt, and anxiety.

4. Come Back Home by Sofia Carson

Coming in at number three is Come Back Home by singer and actress Sofia Carson. The single is part of the hit Netflix film Purple Hearts‘ original soundtrack. The story and the song tell the tale of a young couple who are separated when the man goes off to fight in the Iraq war. Come Back Home is perfect for young adult listeners who have faced the hardships of separation from a loved one.

5. No One Gets Left Behind from Better Nate Than Ever by Rueby Wood

The film Better Nate Than Ever is about a 13-year-old boy named Nate Foster who dreams of becoming a Broadway star. In pursuit of stardom, he organizes a risky journey to New York City to attend an audition for Lilo and Stitch: The Musical with his best buddy Libby. No one gets left behind features in the BNTE soundtrack. NOGLB resonates with young adults as it is about the difficulties of charting one’s path and learning to appreciate the people who helped you get there. Check out YEM’s interview with Rueby Wood here.