All New Home Alone Movie Is On Its Way

Who’s ready to relive their memories? Well, you won’t have to wait too long because, Home Alone franchise is getting a new addition!

Earlier this month, Disney+ announced that a new Home Alone movie is set to debut on November 12 this year. The new addition to the franchise is titled Home Sweet Home Alone. Oh yeah, another thing. It is exclusively on the streaming service naturally titled Disney+. So, fans can watch it from the comfort of their homes. The decision makers behind this had the right thinking because watching it at home really sets the tone of the whole movie. 

So, the movie revolves around a mischievous, rebellious, and creative young boy named Max Mercer. He was left behind at home while his family left on vacation to the birthplace of sushi and cherry blossoms. Yep, that’s right, Japan. That sucks for him because, who wouldn’t want to go to Japan?

Back to the plot. So, the Mercer household seems to have an expensive heirloom in the house. Unfortunately, a married couple knows this and plan on breaking in to steal it. Those who have watched the franchise know that it’s unfortunate for the couple trying to break in, not Max. Max, will be cooking up a storm of trouble, pranks, and absolute chaos for them to get stuck in. 

The film has some great stars joining. For example, the movie stars Ellie Kemper (star of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), Rob Delaney (acted in Deadpool 2), Archie Yates (acted in Jojo Rabbit), Pete Holmes (voiced in the movie The Secret Life of Pets 2”), Devin Ratray (acted in Home Alone), Ally Maki (voiced in the movie Toy Story 4), Chris Parnell (acted in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues) and is directed by Dan Mazer (directed the movie Dirty Grandpa).

So, the movie has a great cast. Also, the franchise has a huge and amazing fanbase. The fans are excited and confident that this will be another great addition to the franchise. It’s been a long time coming!