Bailee Madison Set To Star In The Reboot Of Pretty Little Liars

Bridge to Terabithia and Good Witch Alumna Bailee Madison is working on her next big project. That big project is none other than the reboot of the classic series Pretty Little Liars. 

HBOMAX had recently announced that there will be a reboot of Pretty Little Liars appropriately named “Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin” and that Bailee Madison is casted as one of the stars of the show. It will be a more dark and modern repeat of the original series. 

It’s written by Aguirre-Sacasa and Calhoon Bring based on the books by Sara Shepard. It features a brand new story along with new cast members. So, the plot of the series will centered around a group of teenage girls being tormented by a mysterious unknow Assailant. They are being tormented because of tragic events that occurred twenty years ago. Now, the girls are paying the price for the sins their parents committed. However, the girls aren’t so innocent either. They also have some dark secrets of their own and are also paying that price as well.

Madison isn’t new to the acting field. She is most commonly known for her roles as May Belle Aarons in Bridge to Terabithia and Grace Russel in the show Good Witch. However, she has also acted in other shows and movies as well. She has acted alongside Billy Crystal in Parental Guidance. Also, she acted in Just Go With It next to Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston. Other projects she has done are A Week Away, A Cinderella Story: Starstruck, and Once Upon A Time. So, she has preformed a diverse array of roles that have really showcased her talents. There’s no doubt that she won’t ace this role as well. 

The Pretty Little Liars reboot is off to a great start! No doubt that Bailee Madison won’t give it her all. The fans are excited to hear what’s next for the show or who gets cast next.