Never Have I Ever Season 2: Love triangle heats up


The highly anticipated second season of Never Have I Ever premiered on Netflix on July 15th.

The first season of Never Have I Ever focused on Devi Vishwakumar navigating her sophomore year of high school, friendships, and finding love after the unexpected death of her father. At the end of Season 1, Devi spread her father’s ashes at the beach with her mother and cousin Kamala. She also shared a sweet and unexpected kiss with her school rival Ben. At the same time that Devi was smooching with Ben, Paxton Hall-Yoshida, the boy that Devi’s really been after the entirety of season 1, possibly reciprocated Devi’s unrequited feelings. Devi’s life just got a lot more complicated.

Who does Devi choose?

That brings us to Season 2. Devi’s was trying to juggle her feelings for both Ben and Paxton. Because Devi’s known to make rather questionable decisions, she dated both of them at the same time behind their backs. When Ben and Paxton found out that Devi was dating them both, they both break up with her – Ben moving on to another girl and Paxton with a broken arm yet acting like he was unfazed. This ultimately left Devi feeling very ashamed, humiliated, and alone.

But wait, does she end up with anyone?

20 minutes into Season 2’s final episode, Devi was at the winter dance by herself. Couples slow danced around her – including her two best friends – and it was obvious that Devi felt terribly alone. She left the school dance almost to be hit by Paxton’s car.

Paxton rushed out to make sure Devi was okay before he said he came to the dance as Devi’s boyfriend. After his decision to give Devi a second chance, Devi and Paxton kissed before they walked back into the dance hand-in-hand only to be greeted by their classmates’ jaw drops and shocked stares.

What’s next for the Devi, Paxton, and Ben love triangle?

As Devi and Paxton slow danced in the middle of the dance floor, Ben gazed incredulously and jealously at the pair. Even though Ben is dating new girl Aneesa, could this mean he still has feelings for Devi? And if he does, what will he do? It’s very obvious that both Devi and Paxton are happy in their new relationship with each other, but if Ben still has feelings for Devi, would that change anything?

After all, old habits die hard, and as we’ve seen throughout Season 2, Devi and Ben have both history and chemistry. The final episode of Season 2 opens up a lot of unanswered questions. It’s unsure to say of what will become of these three teen’s love stories, but it’s safe to say that there will be lots more drama and decisions that could ultimately end in several broken hearts.

Never Have I Ever Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.