Are there big opportunities for Indian e-sports?

Although India currently represents just a small fraction of the global gaming market where it lags way behind the giants, there is a silver lining in offing. There is a quick growth that is set to shift the balance. The Indian e-sports market is set for phenomenal growth with the expectation that it may hit the Rs 11 billion in the next three years. As Kate Richardson, a sport gambling expert who has reviewed online betting sites in India observes, e-sports in the second most populous country in the world has a huge opportunity for growth. Kate also reveals that the number of bettors relying on e-sports to make their fortune has also increased. She attributes this trend to affordable data, high internet connectivity, and availability of affordable devices.

Also, India has more than 658 million internet users making it the second largest consumer of internet services in the world. When you take into consideration that the majority of this population is young, the prospects get even higher. A close look at the Indian e-sports market finds that young people are digitally savvy compared to other regions and they are quickly embracing new forms of entertainment.

Kate Richardson, who has been offering betting tips on various sports, says Indian punters can draw huge benefits from e-sports. They can join in as players or in e-sports betting. For those who opt to wager on different tournaments, Kate says tips and reviews that are offered by experts will come in handy. The sports betting expert has written several reviews on e-sports, if you are interested in getting her insights, you can get her profile here.

The future is bright

The Federation of e-sports of India projects that the overall size of the market will grow tremendously in the next three years with significant growth coming from cricket-themed games. The association observes that more organizations are committed to the growth of the sector. A policy paper is on the way, where the federation plans the growth of the sector.

With these efforts, the federation is confident that the game will grow, and sooner, it could be among the most significant markets in the world. With the kind of prospects in place, this is a feat that can be easily achieved. The tech-savvy population that is also ready to embrace new types of entertainment and the fact that there is a stable, fast and relatively cheaper internet are all pointers towards a bright future.

What the future holds

Current estimates put the number of gamers in India at 300 million. The figure is still growing and it is expected to double or even triple in the next few years. Kate Richardson in a review of the e-sports market in India sees the following as the most important factors in the expansion of the sector.

  • The rise in the size of the audience
  • Streaming in real time
  • Increase in prize pools
  • The career prospects
  • E-sports in education 
  • Collaborations
  • Increased smartphone use


With the embracement of live content, it is expected that there will be more viewers. This means that there will be more money for the organizers. Also, when video games are streamed live and from different regions at the same time, it is expected that new viewers will come in. This will help in the expansion of the audience and make it easy to build a dedicated following. 

For the fans, new and old alike, the gaming sector is providing new ways through which they can relax and have fun during their spare time. With India being one of the countries that have the most dynamic youth, the e-sports market is expected to grow tremendously within a relatively short period.

Prize pool

The value of awards and prizes in e-sports games has been rising. With more competitions on the way where regions and cities are coming in, it is expected that the prize and award ranges will increase gradually. What this means is that there will be more competitors coming in and there is a high likelihood that the quality of the games will improve. With the handsome rewards, it is also expected that more people will be taking e-sports as a full-time career, where they can earn a decent livelihood.

E-sports in education

There has been a gradual introduction of e-sports as a formal subject in the education system. There are planned degree and certificate programs that are on the way, meaning that e-sports is set to be a big area where people can build their careers. This will be beneficial to employers who are looking for trainers, athletes, and even gamers. It is also expected to help in building a strong community of games.


The market is now ready for brand sponsorship and advertisement. Some entities would be interested in forming collaborations. These partnerships will be helpful to all parties. Brands have a chance to promote their businesses while e-sports fraternities will have a chance to grow their communities.

Increased mobile usage

More people are now using mobile devices and one of the pass time activities is gaming. The number of users is expected to grow more so fueled by the availability of cheaper gadgets as well as access to high-speed internet. The market for competitive e-sports can only expand with these developments.

Some years back, India was unknown as far as the gaming industry is concerned. Although it is yet to reach the levels occupied by China, the US, and other giants, the country has made great strides. There is a huge opportunity for e-sports in India and industry players are not sitting pretty, they are busy developing the sector and soon, it will be a force to reckon with.