Caitlin Carver Talks Paper Towns

Caitlin Carver plays Becca in the much anticipated Paper Towns.

And it’s kind of a big deal. She’s making her film debut in the John Greene classic, but she’s not new to the young adult scene. She spent a season driving Jesus crazy on “The Fosters” and danced her way through shows like “Glee,” “Nashville” and “Parks and Recreation.” Young Entertainment got to ask her a few questions about the film, her character, and, of course, Taylor Swift!

Check out the interview below.

Caitlin Carver

Photo Credit: Peter Svenson

1. Did you read Paper Towns before going into audition? What were your thoughts on the book and Becca going into it?

I read all of John Green’s books before any of them were made into movies. I have always been a huge fan and absolutely fell in love with Paper Towns. I think I read it 3 more times before I started shooting.

2. Was Becca who you originally went into audition for? What was the process like?

The audition process was actually quite simple for me (which is not usually the case ha!). I sent in a tape for the role of Becca & got a call a couple of weeks later.

3. Who is Becca? What motivates her to do what she does?

Becca is Margo’s best friend, who is also secretly sleeping with her boyfriend. She’s a little manipulative, a little selfish, and 100% your stereotypical popular girl.

4. How would you like the audience to see Becca? And what are you most excited for the audience to see?

Becca and Jase sort of set up the story. When Margo finds out the two of them have been hooking up, she decides to take revenge on everyone who has ever hurt her.. And then she runs away.

I think I’m most excited for people to see the unraveling of Margo’s mystery (which is sort of the whole movie. Therefore, yes, I’m excited for everyone to see the entire movie.. haha). But honestly, the depth & reasoning behind Margo’s disappearance is beautifully discovered as her friends embark on a journey to find her. I’m excited for everyone to feel the range of emotions throughout the film. It’s exhilarating, heart wrenching, and hilarious.

5. What was your biggest challenge with this role?

Finding the motivation behind her actions. Why does she do evil things? I truly believe there’s more to everyone than just what’s seen on the surface. As an actor, I wanted to find out what’s going on with Becca underneath being the “it” girl/gossip queen.

6. Were you happy with the results?

Absolutely. Everyone put their hearts into this project, and that resulted in a beautiful piece of art.

Our director, Jake Schreier, has an incredible vision for the story. It’s almost exactly what I had envisioned while reading the book. The casting is spot on, so I think that’s what made the results so perfect. Cara and Nat, as well as the entire cast, do a brilliant job. It’s a very dedicated & talented group of people.

7. It seems like a fun cast to work with, what was down time like?

Singing Taylor Swift.. Lots of Taylor Swift. It was such a fun cast to be a part of. I was only there for about a week and a half, but everyone was extremely welcoming! The whole experience felt like I was back in high school with some of my greatest friends.

8. Did John Green make an appearance? Besides for being the author did he have a part in what was happening on set, if so what was it and how did the cast respond?

John was on set every day that I was there. He was very involved throughout the entire process of making Paper Towns, from beginning to end.

Oh and not to mention, he is one of the funniest and sweetest guys in the world.

9. What else does Caitlin Carver have coming up (I love that name)? Will there be more frenimy moments with Mariana on The Fosters?

You love my name? Aw, thanks! We will have to wait and see what’s next.. I’ll keep you posted 😉