ICYMI: TV Highlights From The Week Of September 27th, 2015

Welcome to ICYMI where YE catches you up on some of the best moments from your favorite TV shows from the past week, you know, just in case you missed it!!! This week we will feature the big WOW moment and the big UPSET from Gotham, Scream Queens, and Awkward, just to name a few. Grab the popcorn and get comfy as you catch up on the TV highlights from all your faves!



WOW Moment: After Tamara’s disengagement engagement party doesn’t go quite as planned (Or does it? For a regular engagement party, it goes perfectly! But for a party where the bride promised to end it with the groom, it goes horribly wrong.), Tamara admits to herself that while, yes, her first love IS wedding planning, her second love could actually be her fake fiancee? Maybe? Could Tamara actually be in love with her spring break fling?


UPSET of the Week: A drunken Gabby has truth goggles on, and she’s dead set on tracking frazzled party hostess Jenna down and spilling the beans (and her actual guts). But the beans about what, you ask? Oh, yeah, the fact that Matty maybe probably still has the hots for Jenna. Swoon!!!!

Faking It


WOW Moment: We find out that in an off-camera moment, Karma received a buy-out and shove-off check from Liam’s dad to the tune of $250,000. That’s a lot of good karma to turn down, even for Liam. But eventually she chooses Liam, and he leaves the check as his own shove-off letter/resignation for his dad at the Sqoorkle offices.


UPSET of the Week: Shane, Shane, know your name! Shane the ever busy busybody finally gets outed himself as the professional outer of everyone else’s secrets. This could totally change the nature of Shane’s character on the show, but will Shane ever actually change his gossipy ways?



WOW Moment: The Bat Squad as we have always known it is now officially coming together!!! After Bruce and Alfred have a tiff, Alfred puts a band aid on the sitch by recruiting Lucius Fox to help with tech and training. Mr. Fox!!!! Yessss! We are like THIS close to Robin showing up!!!!


UPSET of the Week: The Rise of the Villains rises higher and higher literally as The Maniax headed by ginger Jerome execute mental patients by throwing them off a high rise….but it gets way bloodier and way more upsetting. They also invade GCPD leaving a massacre in their wake. One of the victims in the GCPD Maniax killings: none other than Commissioner Essen. Tragic, and it means big shake ups in leadership at GCPD!

Scream Queens


WOW Moment: We found ourselves literally saying “Wow!” after Chanel’s makeover of Lea Michele’s Hester aka Neckbrace. I mean, we know she’s beautiful because she’s Lea Michele, duh. But Chanel’s makeover took simply beautiful to simply covered in furry couture. Say hello to Chanel #6, ladies and gentlemen!


UPSET of the Week: Another massacre, this one a bit more comical in nature. The good old boys of The Dicky Dollars Scholars seek justice for murdered home bro Boone, so they take their frustration to the streets to draw out The Red Devil Killer. Their wish is immediately granted when TWO red devils appear wielding chainsaws. Carnage ensues. Frat boys are maimed and dismembered. Gore galore!!! The question is… with such a messy public scene, how will Dean Munsch keep this new catastrophe under wraps?