Jackie R. Jacobson Talks Malibu Rescue!

Actress Jackie R. Jacobson is best known for her role in the Netflix film and series Malibu Rescue, both of which released in 2019. The series and film focus on a group of kids in a junior rescue program who are out to earn the right to have their own tower. In her career, Jackie has also made appearances on TV shows like Speechless, The Night Shift, and Nickelodeon’s Bella and the Bulldogs.

YEM spoke to Jackie last week about her acting, her experience in the film and series Malibu Rescue, and the second film installment of Malibu Rescue called The Next Wave.

Young Entertainment Mag: With many productions being shut down, what has your routine in quarantine been like?

Jackie R. Jacobson: Well, in the beginning, I was catching up on a lot of sleep that I wasn’t getting from filming, other work, and school. Quarantine has been a nice rest for me. As it’s gotten longer, I’ve been a lot more productive. I’ve been working out and I started summer school. It’s been nice to take a break and slow down.

YEM: Were you on set filming for a series or film when the productions shut down in March?

Jackie: No, I was lucky enough that my production wrapped way before quarantine started. We were lucky that we didn’t have to stop anything. It affected post-production if anything.

YEM: You play a lead role in the Netflix film and series Malibu Rescue. What has your experience being on that show been like so far and how does it feel to be on a Netflix series?

Jackie: Being on Malibu Rescue has been the greatest experience in my life and it’s pushed me so much as an actress and as a person. We have also gotten so close on set because of how much time we spend together since we have a series and just wrapped our second film.

The cast and I have gotten to know each other and we obviously have such a great bond and everyone is so supportive. We also have the greatest crew ever. Everyone at Netflix and all our producers are so supportive, and it makes you feel good and happy to be on set every day. Everybody there wants you to do your best.

Jackie R. Jacobson from Malibu Rescue

YEM: Your character Dylan, do you see any resemblance to her?

Jackie: At first, I didn’t. I honestly thought she was way too weird and quirky for me. As we kept filming and did the series and movie, I found so many resemblances. I feel like I’ve become more like Dylan in my real life. I’ve brought a lot of aspects from Dylan into my real life and I’ve brought a lot of aspects of me into Dylan.

I feel like there are a lot of similarities in the way that we care about our friends. Another thing is that we are honestly hard on ourselves. Dylan is a perfectionist, wants to be the best and be there for her team. I feel like I have that same mentality when it comes to work or honestly just doing anything with my friends.

YEM: How exciting is it to play a junior lifeguard on the show?

Jackie: It’s honestly so exciting. I think the best part about coming to set it that we get to play a job that we normally wouldn’t in real life. It’s been so fun to hang out at the beach and learn different trainings that lifeguards have to do. It’s been super exciting and something that I’m not used to, but it took me out of my comfort zone.

YEM: There is a lot of action in the movie and sitcom version of Malibu Rescue. What has been one of your favorite scenes to film thus far?

Jackie: I think we have a lot of action-packed scenes. In the upcoming movie, it is the most action-packed Malibu Rescue edition we have. I can’t go into the specifics of the scene, but it is kind of like an Olympic set-up. Almost looks like an American Ninja Warrior set. We all had to do it ourselves. No stunt doubles. It was super exciting and pushed us to our athletic limits for sure.

YEM: Aside from acting, are there any other activities/hobbies you are very passionate about?

Jackie: I’m into baking. I’ve always been since I was younger. I’m baking my best friend a cake for graduation right now. I think quarantine has brought that out because there has not been much else to do. It lets me bring out my creative side, but it’s also doing something I enjoy and it makes people happy.

YEM: You are going to be starring in another Malibu Rescue film installment called the Next Wave. What can viewers look forward to in the film?

Jackie: I think viewers can look forward to the fact that this next movie is a perfect combination of what the (previous) movie and series meant: friendships, relationships, action, and persevering. I feel like it has everything get heightened in this next one. It’s going to be super action-packed. There’s going to a be lot of new characters, new storylines, and some developing storylines that I know a lot of fans want to see.

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