Michael Cimino and Others Join The Cast Of ‘Senior Year’

Paramount Player’s has finally finished the supporting cast for the movie ‘Senior Year’. Among the mentioned cast are Michael Cimino, Jade Bender, Jeremy Ray Taylor, and Avantika. 

‘Senior Year’ is Paramount Player’s new upcoming comedy movie. It is produced and starring the worldwide known comedian Rebel Wilson. Wilson will be playing a woman who wakes up from a 20 year coma. She go backs in time to try and regain her status as the popular cheerleader at her old high school and claim prom queen. The fans already anticipate that this will be a laugh fest. 

Most of these actors have already made their way in either the music or acting industry, if not both. For example, Cimino is known in both industries. He is the lead actor in the popular teen drama Love, Victor and he has two singles out named, ‘Little Blue Car’ and ‘Love Addict’. Bender is known for her role in ‘Major Crimes’. Taylor is known for many roles like, his role in ‘IT’ (he played Ben) and ‘Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween’. Also, Avantika has been seen in the Disney series ‘Diary Of A Future President’. So, ‘Senior Year’ has a well rounded group of young and talented actors.

Cimino posted on his Instagram account (you can check it out here) how grateful he was to meet and work with his co-stars. The fans commented how optimistic they are about the movie. They fell in love with the actors from their previous work and they are sure they will love them just as much now. 

However, Cimino, Bender, Taylor, and Avantika aren’t the only actors making appearances in the movie. Among the actors are, ’13 Reasons Why’ actor Taylor Barnhardt, ‘Les Miserables’ actor Josh Colley, and newcomer Ana Yi Puig. 

With a cast so talented and diverse, there’s no doubt this movie won’t be great!