New episodes of Family Reunion on Netflix

In the classic fish-out-of-water comedy genre algorithm, the television show Family Reunion premiered its 2nd season on April 5th. After its first season, the Netflix show received critical acclaim with an Emmy win and 4 Emmy nominations. A family of six living in Seattle, Washington travels to Georgia for what they expected to be for a short time to attend a family reunion. After the trip, the show begins with the family moving permanently to the South to be closer to the family. This Netflix original created by Meg DeLoatch promises heartwarming family moments, hilarious situations surrounding the cultural differences and relatable characters the audience can’t help but root for.

The creator Meg DeLoatch has been a veteran in American sitcoms. Working as a writer and producer for decades, the talented DeLoatch has contributed to some of the most famous and successful comedy sitcoms featuring primarily black actors in the last 30 years. Below are some of the most notable projects she has worked on, all of which led up to her creation of the highly successful and critically acclaimed Family Reunion

Family Matters (1989-1998) 

As a producer for several episodes in the final season of the highly popular television show, Meg DeLoatch had already began to be inspired by the sitcom algorithm featuring a black ensemble. While she only worked at the hit show for its last season, she continued to have an affinity for family-based ensemble shows. 

Raven’s Home (2017-present) 

(Disney Channel/Bob D’Amico)

Returning for its 4th season on March 19th, Meg DoLoatch co-produces a spin-off stemming from the Disney series That’s So Raven (2003-2007) to follow the teen psychic’s journey into motherhood. Common themes emerge in DeLoatch’s projects, as once again a non-traditional family with whacky neighbors and extended family create a heartwarming yet comedic dynamic. The star of Family Reunion was also a Disney teen star; Tia Mowry was the co-lead with her identical twin sister Tamera Mowry on the sitcom Sister, Sister (1994-1999).  

Fuller House (2016-2020) 

With yet another nostalgic and iconic credential, DeLoatch once again co-produces a reimagined 90’s favorite. There is no doubt the talented writer and producer DeLoatch is drawn towards projects regarding family interrelationships; this interest perhaps could have led her to her creation of her Emmy award winning Netflix series Family Reunion. 

Family Reunion (2019 – present)

The television programs DeLoatch has co-produced and/or written have been mostly centered around non-traditional families, extended families, minority families or a combination between any of the aforementioned. Reinventing and modernizing well-known paradigms of the comedic sitcom, DeLoatch’s original series includes familiar themes with a fresh approach. Family Reunion promises family friendly entertainment with intelligent and meaningful narratives.