Poll: Do you like Cody Christian on Pretty Little Liars or Teen Wolf better?

Cody Christian is doing double duty on two of the most popular young adult television series today.

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On “Pretty Little Liars,” Cody plays Mike Montgomery, brother of Aria, current boyfriend of Mona Vanderwaal, “A” suspect and angsty teenager. He’s been with the series since Day 1 and grown into a character we love. The audience has watched him grow up right in front of our eyes. Remember season 1, when Mike’s biggest problems were getting a ride to practice. Now he’s definitely got bigger fish to fry. Remember last season, when he was hiding vials of Mona’s blood. It’s been quite a journey and wouldn’t have been the same without him.

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While Cody has quite the history on “Pretty Little Liars,” nowadays he’s showing off his sexier side as a flirtatious werewolf. On “Teen Wolf” he plays a new character with a shady history named Theo Raken. He’s a wolf who wants in Scott’s pack, but has a myriad of secrets in his closet. It’s clear his parents are scared of him and he’s associated with this season’s bad guys, the Dread Doctors. It’s a far cry from his innocent days in Rosewood.


 Are you loyal to Mike Montgomery or are you part of the new class of Theo Raken fans? Tell us below!

Do you prefer Cody Christian in Pretty Little Liars or Teen Wolf?

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