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Kelsi Luck “That’s What I Like” // Switched at Birth, Season 3 Episode 19

This fun loving track by Kelsi Luck is playing whilst Daphne and Travis carouse at the fairground. This is the perfect soundtrack to a crazy day out if you ask us. Kelsi Luck is from St. Louis but currently resides in Los Angeles. This track dropped a year ago and we haven’t heard anything from her since, but judging from her publicity pictures she owns a pretty smoking collection of hats. Check out the track and video below!

Amy Stroup “Curious Heart” // Chasing Life, Season 1 Episode 9

This is a sweet love song that’s playing in the background as Sara walks in on Brenna and Greer making out … He-llo! Amy Stroup has had her music featured on over twenty shows, including Pretty Little Liars and Parenthood, making her one of the most prolific music contributors around… oh and she also plays guitar and sings in indie band Sugar and the Hi Lows. We love her gentle synth pop and think you will too. Check the track out here:

Joywave “Somebody New” // Teen Wolf, Season 4 Episode 7

This improbably upbeat party track is playing as the gang get started on their PSATs … but hey, sometimes you just need music to hype you up when you’re doing something horrible – right? Joywave are a supercool alternative act from Rochester New York who, even though some of their music features electronic sounds, still go by the adage that ‘music should be played not made’. This track comes from their debut EP How Do You Feel? Check it out here:

Paul McLinden “Harbour” // The Fosters, Season 2 Episode 8

This beautiful guitar picking track from Paul McLinden plays during the Community Day party. It’s a tranquil song for a tranquil scene. Paul McLinden comes from Glasgow, UK, which means that you probably wouldn’t be able to understand his speaking voice but we love his mellow music, which has also been featured in One Tree Hill.

Spelles “Bird in a Cage” // Pretty Little Liars, Season 5 Episode 9

Spelles sings in the background whilst Aria is texting in the courtyard before she sees Hanna and leaves. Spelles is an LA based songstress who has an amazing vocal talent; her music meets at an intersection between rock, folk and bluegrass and she is accomplished with all three genres. Check out the clip and a teaser for the track below!

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