You should be watching Diary of a Future President

Diary of a Future President is one of the original content series that premiered on Disney+. It follows the story of Elena, an ambitious middle-schooler with lofty dreams of becoming president one day. The show kicks off with a spoiler: Elena does become president. In fact, she becomes the first Cuban American to be the leader of the free world. President Elena, portrayed by none other than Jane the Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez, reminisces about the path that led her to where she is now when she receives a package containing her middle-school dairy.

CR: Disney+

In Diary of a Future President, Elena Cañero-Reed is much like any other 6th-grade girl. Other than her boundless motivation for her future presidential goal. Elena is smart and focused unlike her more aimless brother, Bobby. After the death of their father, Elena and Bobby are raised by their hard-working, single mother Gabi. Who, incidentally, has been seeing someone but can’t bring herself to break the news to her children.

Elena, meanwhile, has problems of her own. Namely the betrayal of a best-friend turned popular-girl and a forgotten World War II presentation that is due 6th period. Everything switches to DEFCON 1 as Elena scrambles to piece together a presentation. Along the way she makes a startling discovery that her former friend Jessie (now popular-girl “Jessica”) has been lying to her popular-girl counterpart Melissa about having her period. Elena confronts Jessie with this information, urging her to stop pretending and be honest. Jessie refuses, being afraid of the consequences if she confesses.

An unprepared Elena gives her presentation. And she’s struggling to find her words at first. But ultimately, Elena uses the events of World War II to extend an olive branch to Jessie. A great way to begin mending the rift in their friendship. Although presented with a seemingly impossible obstacle, Elena works her way through it. And she comes through the other side a little bit stronger. Elena returns home confident she can handle any curve balls life throws at her…or, so she thinks.

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