YA Interviews: Caitlin Carver

Caitlin Carver is a performer at heart, with several impressive dancing and acting credits to her name. Recently, she has been seen as Hayley on The Fosters, as one of the girls vying for Jesus’s affections. Caitlin sat down with us to discuss her character’s approach and whether it works, plus observations on dancing and where things are headed on the show.


YOUNG ADULT MAG: If you could describe Season 2 of The Fosters in three quick words, what would they be?

Caitlin Carver: THE. BEST. EVER.


YA: What has been the most exciting part of your involvement in the show?

CC: Getting to meet and work with such talented people, and seeing how the show really does impact people. I love that so many people are affected and inspired by The Fosters. 


YA: Tell us more about your character. Who is she? What about her most resembles you?

CC: I play Hayley Heinz, who is a member of the school’s dance team. She has most recently become involved in a love triangle after she hooked up with Jesus at the Fosters’ party. We will get to see Hayley have ups and downs as she tries to figure out what she wants and the best way to get it. I don’t want to spoil too much, but she has a fun little ride ahead! 😉

Between Hayley and me, our biggest resemblance is that we both know what we want. We just have different ways of going about getting it. Haha.


YA: Who is your character going to be involved with? Can you share any tidbits on what to expect?

CC: Well, we will definitely get to see Hayley’s relationship with Mariana grow and change after she hooks up with Mariana’s brother. Also, in episode five Hayley decides she is ready to take her relationship with Jesus to the next level. The question is, is he?


YA: Which actor on the show would you most love to adopt as a foster member of your own family?

CC: Can I just choose all of them? Lol! The show is full of such incredibly talented and sweet people, so it’s hard to pick one. But if I must, I’d say Callie (who is played by Maia Mitchell). She is such a strong girl and really cares for other people, especially those in her family. I think that’s one of the best qualities anyone can have. 🙂


YA: What would you like to see happen to your character?

CC: I’d like to see how Hayley would do in a committed relationship. She seems to be a bit hot and cold, and I’d really love to see that play out in a relationship.


YA: You are not only an accomplished actress, but a gifted dancer as well. What was it like dancing backup for Beyoncé? And what about dancing on Glee?

CC: To get to work with such talented artists is always such an honor. And fun too. Dancing is fun. It never feels like work! Whenever I am on a dance job, I ALWAYS make sure I take a minute to step back and observe the people around me (whether it be an artist I’m dancing for, or actors I’m working with). It’s amazing how much you can learn by just watching someone.


YA: If you had to identify with only one of the following three terms, which would it be and why: Actor, Dancer, Performer?

CC: Performer. I consider both acting and dancing to be types of performances. And they both have my heart.


YA: Which YA role, in any film or TV show, you would have loved to play throughout history? And why?

CC: Sandy from Grease (played by Olivia Newton John)!!!! Acting, dancing, singing, and romance… Does it get better than that? 🙂