AZRA Takes Over a Pride event with the YEM SNAPCHAT

Featuring inspiring lyrics and uplifting hooks, Azra’s debut EP, Freedom, encourages listeners to be their authentic selves and live in their own unconventional way. “The LGBTQ community and Pride events inspire us to be ourselves and accept others no matter the challenges – to shine through, and move forward together, as one,” Azra explains. “I am honored to sing and share my songs on stage for Pride because I will be able to sing for what we all are standing for- celebrating our beautiful individuality.”

Originally from South Korea, Azra’s family moved to California when she was just 9 years old. It was through music that Azra – a natural-born performer – first began learning English. She spent her childhood honing her passion for music and dance through musical theater, bands, church choirs, and hip hop dance teams. Azracontinued singing and dancing throughout college, in addition to starting up her own brand consulting business, CLÚ INC.

After college Azra continued building up her business, and began competing in various modeling competitions around Boston as well. She has since signed to agencies in New York City, Los Angeles, and Boston and appeared in print ads and commercials. Azra eventually realized that music was a calling she could not escape, and decided to spend 2016 in LA writing and recording her debut EP. Freedom can only be described as a mixture of pop, rock, and dance; it pulls inspiration from Azra’s past struggles with music, self-expression, and love. By sharing her own story, Azra hopes to inspire others to live life for themselves.

Check out her Snapchat Takeover below:

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