Top 10 ‘Maze Runner’ Moments

The sequel to 2014’s The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, hits theaters this Friday, September 18th. I know you’re as pumped as YE is, but maybe you need a bit of a refresher course on all things from the Glade to catch you up to speed. Well, look no further than our list of the top 10 moments from The Maze Runner.

1. Let’s start from the beginning…


…And everything begins with that fateful elevator ride up to the surface where a dazed and confused Thomas (who doesn’t remember his name is Thomas yet) finds himself surrounded by strangers with no memory of his past or any idea of what to expect from his new life. As the elevator clunks slowly to its destination, Thomas is plagued by flashes of what seem to be memories…but memories of what, and who?

2. When Thomas remembers his name is Thomas

In this image released by 20th Century Fox, Dylan O'Brien, foreground, appears in a scene from "The Maze Runner." (AP Photo/20th Century Fox, Ben Rothstein) ** Usable by LA, DC, CGT and CCT Only **

In the middle of a “friendly” fight to test the newbie’s mettle, our hero from the elevator remembers the one and only thing any of the boys on the Glade remember about their pasts: his name. Right in the middle of brawling with the antagonistic twerp Gally, Thomas remembers he is Thomas. What else will he remember?

3. The moment Thomas is attacked by an infected Runner


In a jaunt in the woods surrounding the Glade, Thomas runs into Ben, a runner that doesn’t seem like himself. Turns out, Ben has been attacked by a Griever, one of the half monster/half machine creatures who live in the maze. The only problem with that is…the attack was during the day, and Grievers are only supposed to come out at night…what’s going on in the maze?

4. Thomas’s most badass moment


The moment he rushes into the maze as it’s closing to save Alby and Minho. Thomas scrunches up his face in determination in an epic moment of heroism or maybe just self-destructive stupidity, but either way, Thomas can’t bear to see his friends left to die in the maze overnight, so he intervenes the only way he knows how.

5. When Thomas kills the “unkillable” Griever


Alby and Minho had entered the Maze to retrace Ben’s steps to understand how he was bitten during the day. Now with the three of them trapped in the maze overnight, you can bet the Grievers will come out to play. With Alby out of commission, Thomas manages not just to keep them all alive, but to do something that’d never been done–kill a Griever. The partial mechanical skeleton they recover from the Griever changes everything…

6. …But so does a new arrival


This time it’s a girl and way ahead of the normal monthly delivery. There’s never been a girl on the Glade before, and this one seems to know Thomas. She quickly remembers that her name is Teresa, and she carries a note indicating that there will be no more newbies and no more fresh supplies. How will they survive the Glade?

7. The Griever attack


Turns out, having no supplies is the least of the worries on the Glade. In a surprise violation of the “rules” the Glade and the maze have always naturally abided by, the maze doesn’t close at sundown, meaning once the Grievers come out to play, there’s nothing stopping them from entering the Glade. What follows is a Griever free-for-all in which a lot of the Gladers are killed or abducted.

8. When Thomas remembers his past before the Glade

This photo released by Twentieth Century Fox shows Dylan O'Brien as Thomas in the film, "The Maze Runner." The movie releases in the U.S. on Sept. 19, 2014. (AP Photo/Twentieth Century Fox, Ben Rothstein)

Thomas sticks himself with a Griever talon in order to recover his memory, which is what happened to Alby after he was attacked then given Teresa’s anti-venom. Thomas’s memories are murky, but he sees himself as a part of an experiment, the maze experiment, and he sees himself on the other side of the experiment from his now fellow Gladers. But what really happened? Who was in on what?

9. When Thomas overtakes Gally as leader


The malevolent Gally might only be acting out of fear of the unknown, but his dogged attempts to adhere to the rules of the Glade in attempt to return things to “normal” are nonetheless malicious and dangerous. Seeing Thomas and Teresa as the cause of the destruction on the Glade as of late, Gally wants to offer the two of them up as sacrifice to the Grievers and the maze. Thomas plays sick and wounded during the whole exchange, but when the moment is right….Thomas snaps into action. Commanding and authoritative, he takes control of the group who agree to follow him into the maze to possible freedom.

10. The Gladers find out the truth about the end of civilization…


…Or do they? In the final scenes of the film, the Gladers have escaped the maze only to find themselves in a wrecked research facility, home to the researchers behind the maze experiment. They watch a recording from the leader of the group, a woman named Ava Paige (renowned character actress Patricia Clarkson, seen above). She tells them that they are all survivors of great plague that consumed humanity, that they are immune to the plague, and the maze was an experiment to discover what causes their immunity. But is any of that the truth? In the recording, Ava and the other scientists appear to have been wiped out. But in the final scene we see Ms. Ava very much still alive and excited for the Gladers to be entering “phase 2” of the experiment. What does this mean for Thomas and the other Gladers? I guess we’ll find out in The Scorch Trials, hitting theaters this Friday!!!