YEM’s 2020 Top 5 List: Top 5 Returning Shows

2020 is finally nearing its end, and we’re all heaving a collective sigh of relief! But just because the year didn’t exactly go to plan doesn’t mean there weren’t a few good things to come out of it. And on the other hand, quarantine definitely made us appreciate the songs, movies, TV shows, and books that saved us from mind-numbing boredom all that much more. Here’s YEM’s 2020 Top 5 List to look back on the best YA content this year had to offer.


Riverdale continues to draw us into the web of conspiracies that entangle the characters. The mystery! The drama! The 50s aesthetic! It gets better every season. Check out the changes coming to Riverdale here! 



The first season of Trinkets packed a wallop, but the second brought a whole new meaning to teenage angst. Check out YEM’s interview with Trinkets star Andrew Jacobs here!

3.Sex Education

Witty dialogue, educational and relatable sexual content, and a killer soundtrack? Um, yes, yes, and yes! 

4.Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Photo Credit: Showbiz Cheat Sheet

This occult series brings out the twisted of a classic character, and we can only say we love it! As much as we’re anticipating the next season, we’re heartbroken to see the end of this fantastic show. Check out YEM’s interview with Sabrina star Lachlan Watson here! 

5.13 Reasons Why

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13 Reasons Why ended its four-season run with another powerful storyline that continued to tackle themes of mental health, sexual assault, and violence. Check our YEM’s review of the final season here! 

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